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Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

As we embrace the Adopt a Shelter Dog Month this October, there could be no better season to open your heart and home to a furry soul in need. Providing a settle place where your new friend can finally feel comfortable and safe is one of the main aspects of making the transition easier, and that’s where the ideal dog house comes in. In this guide, we’ll review the best dog houses to make this special month even better.

Fostering a shelter dog is a beautiful thing that changes not only their lives but also yours. Creating a safe and comfortable space for your new canine friend as you prepare to welcome them is equally important. In the world of dog houses, let’s find the perfect shelter for your four-legged friend.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Dog House

Size Matters

Choose the correct size. Your dog must have the space to stand, turn around, and lie down nicely. Only measures your dog’s height and length to be sure that the chosen dog house is the right size.

Climate Considerations

Consider the weather in your area. Dog houses should be insulated in colder regions and very well ventilated in warmer regions, preferably with shades over them.

Material and Durability

Select a sturdy and weather resistant dog house. Wood and plastic are popular options, offering robustness and thermal insulation.

Best Dog Houses Recommendations

Suncast DH350 Dog House

Durable and easy to assemble, this dog house has crowned flooring, and channeling that captures fluids in order to keep your pet dry. Its resin construction makes it durable and its attractive design fits any backyard.

Petsfit Dog House of Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

The Petsfit Dog House is designed with solid cedarwood and combines functionality and appearance.

Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel

Suitable for big dogs, this tough plastic kennel is easy to clean and very spacious. The raised floor stops your furry friend from getting wet, and the solid frame makes it durable.

Welcoming Environment for Your New Family Member

It is more than just choosing the right dog house that helps to create a welcoming space. Adding some comfortable bedding, a water bowl, and some of your dog’s beloved toys would also help in making this transition more comfortable. Make sure that the dog house is located in a shaded area so that it will be a comfortable place for the dog to take refuge from harsh weather.

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Where can I get a shelter dog to adopt?

Finding a shelter dog to adopt can be done in many ways. You can start by going online and doing a quick search for animal shelters in your area. A lot of the shelters do have the websites that demonstrate the dogs that are available for adoption, their profiles and photos. You can also personally visit your local animal shelter and talk to the staff. They can help you through the adopting process and tell you about the dogs that are ready for adoption.

What are the benefits of taking a homeless dog home?

There is a lot of good in adopting a shelter dog. First of all, you are providing a loving home for a dog that needs it. By adopting, you also contribute to control overpopulation of stray and abandoned animals. Shelter dogs are usually already spayed or neutered, so you do not have to pay to have it done yourself. Secondly, shelters normally offer basic healthcare, vaccinations, and behavior assessments for the dogs before they can be adopted.

Are shelter dogs appropriately disciplined and trained?

Some already house trained shelter dogs may have already been given basic training, but some others would probably require some further training. It must be remembered that with patience, persistent training, love, most shelter dogs will learn to become well behaved and obedient pets.

Can I adopt a particular breed of dog from a shelter?

Shelters have a better reputation of presenting mixed breed and “mutt” dogs, although they can occasionally have specific dog breeds. But if you really want a breed, there are breed specific rescue groups that specialize in rescuing and rehoming purebred dogs. These organizations may be better at finding a breed that suits you.

Are they suitable for children and other pets if they live in a shelter?

Most shelters have a screening process and can help match you to dogs which the staff themselves has observed to do well with children or other animals giving a better chance of a good match.

Am I required to pay for an adoption fee for a shelter dog.

Absolutely, most shelters charge for adopting an animal to cover the costs related to the maintenance of these animals. This fee usually covers vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and sometimes microchipping. Adoption fee not only assists the shelter in continuing its activities but also allows you to demonstrate your willingness to give your new furry friend a loving and responsible home.

In case a shelter dog does not work out, may I return it?

Most shelters have measures that address this situation. A dog’s return should never be a first option, but certain situations make it chronically necessary. It is understood by the shelters that not all adoptions will be ideal and will generally do what they can to assist you by making some changes to make it easier for the dog to adjust or even let you return the dog and find a better match.

How do I ready my home for a new shelter dog?

Preparing your home for a new shelter dog entails making a safe and comfortable environment. Make sure your house is free of any hazards or toxic substances that your dog might come into contact with. Establish a cozy spot consisting of a bed and provision of fresh water and food. Purchase necessary items such as food, toys, and grooming supplies. Make arrangements for any training or veterinary appointments that you may need.

As you acclimate, what should I expect?

The beginning weeks with a new shelter can be quite an adaptation period for both of you. It takes a while for the dog to become comfortable in their new environment and connect with the new human family. Some dogs can initially be more shy or uneasy, while others may be more assertive. Patience, understanding, and consistency in training and routine. Over time, and with love and positive reinforcement, your shelter dog will learn to feel secure and at home.

How can I help the shelters even if I cannot adopt a dog today?

There are numerous ways you can assist shelters, even if you can’t adopt a dog right now. Most shelters depend on volunteers who can help with things like walking dogs, cleaning kennels, or organizing events. Donating supplies, like food, blankets, or toys, can also have a huge impact. Moreover, fundraising activities or online campaigns can assist in raising funds to aid the work of the shelter. Ask your local shelter if they need volunteers or what they need.

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Wrap Up

This Adopt a Shelter Dog Month let us not only welcome them into our homes but into our hearts as we embrace these lovely furry friends. Picking the best dog house is an important part of establishing a safe and comfortable home for your new family member. With the appropriate shelter, your adopted dog will not only find comfort, but they will have a place they can really call home.

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