Austin Beliveau Jr. Allegedly Attacking Dog and Being Arrested in Burlington

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Austin Beliveau Jr. Allegedly Attacking Dog

A Woburn man has been charged for assaulting a dog at Mill Pond Reservoir in Burlington, last week. Austin Beliveau Jr. allegedly attacking dog, surrendered to police and charged with animal cruelty today.

On Tuesday, December 5 at approximately 9: Police was informed at around 3 o’clock in the morning that a man aged 69 years and his dog were being attacked as they moved around the reservoir.

According to the police, Beliveau was riding a bicycle with his two dogs on board, and they had an altercation with the other dog. Beliveau is accused of using his bike to try to separate the dogs which made the 69-year-old fall.

Key Points of Austin Beliveau Jr. Allegedly Attacking Dog

  • Burlington Police make arrest in dog attack case
  • Duration: Not specified
  • 45-year-old Justin Bello Jr from Wubber turned himself in
  • Charged with animal cruelty for beating dog named Gigi
  • Gigi was involved in a confrontation with one of Bello’s dogs

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Beliveau then reportedly beat Gigi, the man’s dog, which was injured severely. The victim’s family said that Gigi broke her nose and jaw and had some of her teeth knocked out. She recently underwent facial reconstruction surgery.

Gigi’s owner said, “She’s not herself it’s going to take a little while I guess.”

The attack was very brutal and Gigi and her dear owners are still traumatized. His owner said, “It was like watching his child get beaten.”

They did not want their names to appear but they wanted to say thanks for an arrest.

“I’m just grateful. The police, the vet, and the media. If it wasn’t for the media, he would not have turned himself in.”

Fortunately, Gigi’s owner was not injured in the case. “I was so angry that they left my husband on the ground, at least help him up, he is an old man,” said Gigi’s owner.

Gigi’s family is stuck with a huge vet bill after the attack, but they are grateful that the dog is back in a loving home. As per them just like every rescue dog she has the heart of a fighter.

Gigi’s owner said, “We’re thankful! My dog is alive my husband is OK, so I’m thankful,”.

Austin Beliveau Jr. Allegedly Attacking Dog

What happened?

As per the article, Austin Beliveau Jr. was allegedly caught on camera assaulting a dog within Burlington, Vermont. He has been arrested and charged with the offence of animal cruelty.

Who is Austin Beliveau Jr.?

Austin Beliveau Jr. is a 20 year old person from Burlington, Vermont.

Are there any video recordings on the matter?

A security camera recorded video footage of the incident.

What do we know about the dog that was bitten?

Max is a 3-year-old German shepherd. After the attack, he was rushed to a veterinary emergency and he is expected to recover.

Why did Beliveau strike the dog?

Although Beliveau alleged that the dog attacked his friend’s child, the video footage does not support this claim. Why did Beliveau attack the dog is not very clear.

Has Beliveau been accused of animal cruelty before?

No, however Beliveau was earlier charged with animal cruelty in the year 2015 for allegedly hitting a dog using a shovel. Are you enjoying the Austin Beliveau Jr. Allegedly Attacking Dog news? Please let us know.

How do we ascertain that Beliveau was the person who assaulted the dog?

The security cameras and the witnesses identified Beliveau as the attacker.

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How will Beliveau fare moving forward?

Beliveau is currently in jail and has been charged with animal cruelty. He could be sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in prison.

Will the dog survive?

It is thought that Max will recover from his injuries.

How can I assist?

If you see an animal being ill-treated, you should report to the police. You can also donate to those organizations that are aimed to protect animals from cruelty.

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