Can I Use Human Shampoo On My Dog

Can I Use Human Shampoo On My Dog| The Guideline How to Use Shampoo on Dogs

In the market, we find a dog shampoo and start to use it on our dog. But is it the right thing we are doing? Can I Use Human Shampoo On My Dog? Many dog owners use random shampoo for their pooch. But it is not right. And the reasons you find here

Is human shampoo safe for dogs?

It is the most common question. The dog owners are so confused about the fact. First of all, we should use dog shampoo for our pup. But if there is some problem sometimes, we can use human shampoo for our dog. Make sure, it wouldn’t be a regular incident. 

The pH balance of human shampoo and dog shampoo is a little bit different. The human acid mantle has a pH of 5.2-6.2. And the dog acid mantle has a pH of 5.5-7.5. So, we can know that human shampoo is a little bit acidic for dogs. 

The human shampoo doesn’t do serious harm to your dog. But continuous use of it damage your dog’s hair. Fragrance and chemicals including shampoo can burn your dog’s skin. So, it’s better to avoid those shampoo.

Baby shampoo on the dog

We should always use dog shampoo for our pup. But if there is some problem sometimes, we can use baby shampoo too for our pup. It is the only alternative to human shampoo.

Baby shampoo has a proper balance pH. So, it is safe to use it. Baby shampoos are so mild. And it is specially formulated for sensitive skin. There are no harmful chemicals and fragrances.

Baby shampoo on the dog

Why we use baby shampoo? Because there is a proper pH balance and the shampoos are tear-free. So, our baby will be safe, and no tears during the bath. As the same, if we apply it to our dogs, they will feel better.

There are benefits of using baby shampoo. But we can’t continue it. Otherwise, our puppy can face problems. You can use it for only emergency backup support. 

One of the vet Petful says, “For sensitive dogs, veterinary dermatologists recommend Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo frequently. in years past, it seems human shampoos are milder than even for humans.” 

Washing process of your dog

It’s important to wash your dog in the right way. You can follow these steps to know how you can wash your dog.

Take a clean basin

Do you bathe in a dirty tub? No, right? So, your dog also has a right to bath in a clean tub. You can see the results so nicely at the clean basin. 

Get comfy

Taking bath is a relaxing task. So, it must be comfortable. Not only your dog but you also do the thing. For adding comfort, you can set a mat under your dog’s leg. It will protect him from hurting.

Keep everything handy to you. If possible, take someone to help you wash your dog. If you have a dog-loving family, your task will be super easy. Because everyone has a task to complete. 

Give your dog a tasty treat or another reward that he likes during the wash. It will keep him calm. 

Gently wash

Don’t do any rush of washing your dog. Give extra care to your dog’s private and sensitive places. Wash carefully in the ears, face, and so on. Make sure he didn’t get hurt. 

Can I Use Human Shampoo On My Dog

Take an old face washer and gently wipe around in order to clean the dirt. Don’t let contact the soap to your dog’s ears and eyes. But if it gets anyhow, splash water immediately. And of course, give them a few moments to become normal. 

Check the temperature

Temperature is an important thing to consider. Use lukewarm water for the bath of your dog during winter. And in summer, you can use normal cool water. You can also bathe your dog in an outdoor place. But it depends on the weather. Don’t place your dog in freezy weather, nor sun poaching weather.  

Dog shampoo and its benefits

Puppy shampoo

You are so much excited if you gonna wash your puppy for the first time. It’s better to study the dog shampoo and then use it. Because the skin of the puppy is 10 times more sensitive than an adult dog. 

Sensitive skin

If your dog has sensitive skin, don’t use normal shampoo for him. Try to use homemade shampoo. It is the best way ever. The all-natural ingredients help your dog to comfort during wash time. 

Scented shampoo

Scented shampoos are normally not good for your dog. But some shampoos are scented but not harmful. So, if you get bored using non-scented shampoo, try the useful scented shampoos. 

Shampoo for flea treatment

There is also flea removal shampoo. So, your tension will vanish. You can use the shampoo for flea treatment and cure your dog of pain. Flea removal shampoo helps to reduce flea as well as parasites. Your dog’s damaged skin will repair and soothe with this shampoo.

Safety usage of human shampoo on the dog

Sensitive skin

In comparison to a human, dogs have a skin of lower pH level. Some dogs have more sensitive skin. Like so dry and irritating. If you use human shampoo on those dogs, your dog’s skin can damage. It can cause allergic reactions too.

Can I Use Human Shampoo On My Dog

If you want to soothe your dog from the irritating itchy problem, must use a dog shampoo. Try to choose sulfate-free products. Because it can irritate your puppy’s ear, nose, skin, and eyes. 

You can also use homemade dog shampoo. It will the best solution.

pH level

Human’s and dog’s skin is protected with a thin layer of acidic oil. It is called the acid mantle. It protects your dog from bacteria and viruses.

We can measure the dog’s skin by the pH scale. According to this, you need a pH balanced shampoo. Don’t compromise with your dog’s safety. Takes time and chooses the right shampoo.

Final Thought

So, what we learn? We always use dog shampoo for our pups. At the time of an emergency, we can use human shampoo. But it shouldn’t continue. Using baby shampoo is better than using human shampoo.

We can’t take any risk with the skin of our dog. Immediately consult with your nearest veterinary if you notice any itching or rashes after using shampoo. 


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