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9 Fabulous DIY Dog Houses Plans| Free Dog House Designs for Your Furry Friends

The DIY dog houses are made for giving the exact safety to your dog. Giving such safety from rough weather makes you happy. You just need some basic building skills to make these houses. And the most interesting thing is, you can make it according to your taste. 

If you have some unused wood or relevant things, start building a dog house today. For better knowledge, you can read the full article.

Top 9 DIY dog houses plans 

Ranch style dog house 

From beginning to intermediate woodworker can make this house. This is the most stylish dog house. A large dog can easily stay in this house. Moreover, the house gives a luxurious feel.

Dog house with deck

Wanna keep your pup nice and toasty during the winter season? Dog house with the deck will help you do so. The house has a toy box and a place of food & water with the deck. It is your puppy’s dream hangout. The house is perfect for medium-sized breeds.

Crooked dog house plan

The dog house is with a little personality. It is both funny and practical. If you want to give an extra good look at your dog house, try it for free. 

Diy dog house with pallets

The pallet dog house keeps your dog safe & warm. You also need plywood with pallets to make this house. Your dog will feel more luxurious in this house. Because this house includes play and food stores.

Dogs are our real friends. They always with us no matter what the situation we face. They just want some care & love from us. And in return, they give us a lot of loyalty. Build a pallet dog house for your dog is one of the best ways you can thank your dog. 

He can lead a luxurious life in this type of house. If you want to buy a house, of course you can. But there is no guarantee that you will find the exact one you want. So, it’s better to build a dog house with your hand. 

The pallet dog house is such a house that you can make so easily. You can save money too. 

DIY dog house indoor 

This is an awesome house for your little pooch. The geometric house looks so fancy. And also easy to build. Your doggy can take an afternoon nap in the house.

It is the best house for giving your dog safety. Indoor dog houses are so cute to look at. You can fit it anywhere you want. In this house, your pet will feel a homely environment. 

Diy dog house with pallets

You need not worry about the rough weather. Your pup will live in an indoor house full of safety. Wood, plastic, and other material can use to make an indoor dog house. The houses look so fancy. 

Log cabin dog house 

If you want to keep your dog in the fresh air, try this house. It is an awesome house for outdoor purposes. You can set the natural feel of the wood in this house. So, start building a log cabin dog house for your pooch.

Mobile dog house plan

Are you a travel lover? Now you can travel with your dog more easily with the mobile dog house. This allows you to simply carry your pup anywhere you want. It is perfect for small cute dogs. 

Wooden dog house plan

Give your dog the cutest home taking a wooden dog house plan. The straight forward build system of the house. The traditional dog house is so easy to build.

Diy dog house insulated 

Protect your dog from extreme weather with an insulated dog house. Just notice one thing that your pup can move around easily. And the great thing about this house is, you can fit here any-sized dog. 

The best thing about the house is, you can make it fit for any breed. Your dog gets warmth, protection, comfort & privacy in an insulated house. To make this, you have to size the parts first.

Then the time for making the base of the house. After making a strong base, angle the sides. It will keep your pet dry. Don’t forget to add the corner braces. 

Now, install the most important thing, the partition wall. It provides both privacy and weatherproof facilities. Installing walls is also important. Because it helps your dog to keep hot in winter and cool in summer. 

The entrance of the dog house should be classic. It should be big enough to enter your dog easily. Furnish it well for good looking. Do you forget to set a roof?

Diy dog house with pallets

Setting the roof is also an important part. You can cut it slightly to aid in rain runoff. And if you want to make the roof waterproof, use asphalt shingles. 

You can know about some other dog house plan

Simple A-Frame dog house plan

A-frame dog house means a house in which your dog can fit perfectly. The size of the house is not too small to move easily. Also, it’s not so big. Because the extra big house doesn’t hold warm. So, make a properly sized house.

The basic dog house is very easy to make. Moreover, it looks awesome. You can build the house in a half day. And that at a low cost too. You just need a single sheet of plywood and some dimensional lumber. 

If you want to save both time & money, just go for it. It’s a typical house that any beginner can build. The house is perfect for small-sized dogs. The unique dog house is also very long-lasting.


So, these are the DIY dog houses. You can take anyone’s plan for your dog. But you have to keep in your mind that the location is very important. Choose the location first, then choose a plan. Your dog’s safety and comfort ness is the main thing.

Give extra care to your dog during summer and winter. You may arrange the food and water well in summer. And make sure the heating system is good in winter. 


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