Dog Attack in NE Portland | 6-Year-Old-Boy Killed and Woman Injured

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Dog Attack in NE Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. Authorities confirmed that in Parkrose Heights, a young child was fatally killed and a woman injured during a dog attack in NE Portland Tuesday morning.

Just after 7: At 3:00 a.m., PF&R responded to an animal attack call at Northeast 113th Avenue and Northeast Schuyler Street. According to police, the incident was a dog mauling and it occurred inside a house.

At the site, fire crews encountered a woman with hand injuries and a six-year-old child fatality. The lady was moved to an area hospital for medical attention.

Key Points of Dog Attack in NE Portland

  • Minutes after the first report on Tuesday morning.
  • Northeast Portland home.
  • Woman covered in blood and injured greeted officers.
  • Victim: 6-year-old boy killed in a dog attack.
  • Child dropped off by grandmother for school, part of daily routine.
  • Child opened garage door, attacked by homeowner’s dogs (Great Dane Mastiff mixes).
  • Homeowner tried to stop the attack, covered in blood.
  • Dogs now in custody of Moma County Animal Services.
  • Officers express condolences for the family.
  • Child pronounced dead at the scene.
  • Woman taken to the hospital with hand injuries from trying to break up the fight.
  • PPB’s child abuse team and homicide unit investigating.
  • Too soon to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

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While investigating, officers discovered that the boy’s grandmother had dropped him off with her friend who is taking him to school. One of the dogs bit the boy when the friend, who owns the dogs, went into the garage to look for her dogs. In addition, the second dog also took part in the attack.

“We know that the homeowner/dog owner did whatever she could to stop the attack, at one point even grabbed a gun but it never got that far,” PPB Public Information Officer Mike Benner said. “She tried all possible measures to save this boy.”

The police state that the dogs, described as very big and heavy Great Dane-Mastiff mixes, are still within the house where the attack took place. Multnomah County Animal Services have already responded and they will take care of the dogs and take them from the home.

Dog Attack in NE Portland

Benner states that it is too early in the investigation to state whether the dog owner will be charged or not. Don’t forget to visit the latest news at The Best Dog House.

Speaking on behalf of everyone at the bureau, our hearts break for this child, for his family, his friends. In brief, such incidences shock the system anytime but to have such incidences happen just before Christmas cannot be imagined,” Benner commented.

The Homicide Division is assisting the PPB Child Abuse Team that is investigating.

This is developing news. FOX 12 Oregon will update this story whenever new details will be released.

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