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The dog attacked mother and toddler in their backyard of San Bernardino, California. The toddler had very serious injuries while the mother only had bites and bruises. The family had just got the dog, a pit bull mix, from a local shelter. None of them had a record of being aggressive or violent before.

The mother and toddler were taken to the hospital where the toddler underwent surgery. The mother was treated and discharged. This case serves to illustrate the possible harm posed by a dog, even one which appears tame. Dogs can be dangerous, and no matter how much you believe you know a particular dog, you need to be cautious.

Key Points of Dog Attacked Mother and Toddler

  • The incident occurred on Tuesday morning.
  • A dog attacked a mom and her 2-year-old son in front of their home in the Austin Colony neighborhood, East Austin.
  • The attack was captured on their doorbell camera.
  • The mom and son are physically okay, but the ordeal was frightening.
  • Austin Colony neighborhood, East Austin.
  • Shante Wright Haywood and her toddler CJ were leaving for daycare and work when a dog suddenly attacked CJ.Shante fought off the dog, screamed for help, and ran back to their home with her son.
  • Doorbell camera recorded the dog relentlessly pursuing them, even attempting to enter the house.
  • Shante managed to get her son inside, but the dog damaged

Chante Wright-Haywood thought that it was a neighborhood kid coming out from the corner of his eyes, approaching her toddler CJ as they were about to go to daycare and work.

It did not take long for her to realize that this was not the case as she heard her son screams and fall on the ground. Are you enjoying the Dog attacked mother and toddler news? Please let us know.

In the east Austin’s Austin Colony, a two-year old girl was savaged by a random dog.

This entire episode was recorded by their doorbell camera.

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In the video, you can hear Wright-Haywood scream as she struggles with the dog and runs the child back home.

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Dog kept chasing them. Are you enjoying the Dog attacked mother and toddler news? Please let us know.

Wright-Haywood yells, “Open the door!”

Wright-Haywood recounts how the dog shattered a pot containing a plant and then jumped up toward them, even going as far as biting and pulling her coffee as she kicked the dog.

“No!,” you hear her yell.

However, the fight was not over when she managed to get her boy inside safety.

“You can hear that snapping, trying to get to him [my son],” she said. “My daughter opened the door, and I just kind of pushed him in…the dog was trying to get into the house.”

An external dog clawed at the door.

“The dog actually snapped the door hinges right off the door frame,” Wright-Haywood said. “I was using my body weight with the kids to make sure the door did not open because I had called for police and EMS.”

CJ took a small bite. Wright-Haywood and other people that live in Austin Colony, used to worry about their safety with stray-dogs and leash-less dogs wondering around. Are you enjoying the Dog attacked mother and toddler news? Please let us know.

According to Wright-Haywood, “we have a problem with people just coming in dropping dogs off and they don’t want the dog anymore”.

dog attacked mother and toddler

CJ is in a slightly better condition today, a day after his birthday. His mom hopes that the never go through this again.

“All I wanted was for people to be accountable for their pets”, commented Wright-Haywood.

Wright-Haywood said that Animal Control visited and seized the dog after the attack.

KXAN contacted Travis County, and there has been no update to whether it was someone’s, contained any diseases. Are you enjoying the Dog attacked mother and toddler news? Please let us know.

Another dog had run off its leash and assaulted the mother and toddler who were walking their dog on a leash. The dog bit the mother several times, and she, as well as her child, were bitten several times.

The mother and baby will be fine, and they are set to recover from minor injuries. The incident is under investigation by animal control.

This is a very traumatic event for any responsible parent. According to the saying, a dog is man’s best friend, but sometimes it can be dangerous. As a matter of fact, when walking with family, you must be attentive and understand how to act, if you encounter a dog attack. Don’t forget to visit the latest news at The Best Dog House.

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