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Professional Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Looking Good

For all breeds, including the dog, regular grooming is necessary. There are so many benefits of grooming. If I started to tell you then the whole night will be gone easily. If you have a dog, you need some dog grooming tips. Here they are:

Tips on dog grooming   

Brush your dog’s coat regularly

Regular brushing makes your dog’s coat shiny & glossy. If your dog’s coat is heavy in texture, you have to brush them more. Just like every other day or at least once a week. 

Dog’s feel pain for their matted hair. Sometimes they started to bite themselves in irritation. And this causes skin infection.

Trim your dog’s hair

Very long hair can disturb your dog. It’s better to cut out the extra hair of your pup. Because sometimes the hair falls in front of his eyes and irritates him.

It’s not a tough task. But you can go to the groomers if you want a perfect cut. Keep in mind that before doing this your dog must in relax mode. 

Trim your dog’s nails

When you can hear the sound of clicking on the hard floor, it’s time to trim your dog’s nails. Having long nails will discomfort your dog. So, cutting it down helps to remove the discomfort of your pup. But keep safety steps in your mind during the task.

Don’t forget to check your dog’s skin

When you groom your dog, make sure to check the skin of your dog. Because there may be an allergic problem, itchiness, or cracks in the body. You can find out unusual bumps by running your fingers towards the dog’s coat. 

Don't forget to check your dog's skin

If still you are not satisfied, then part the coats and find out the unexpected skin problems. 

Makes the grooming session enjoyable

If you are introducing your puppy to the grooming for the first time, then you have to do something to please them. They need encouragement and positive enforcement. Do the grooming process slowly so they can feel at ease. 

Giving treats to your dog is the best idea. You can arrange some toys to entertain your dog. The safety measures are mandatory. For this purpose, you can keep a slip-proof mat to lessen the risk of slipping pain in your dog.

Check your dog’s ears

Ear infections are so painful. So, if you don’t want your dog to get the pain, check his ears regularly. Give a close look into his ears and check the following things.

  • The moist of the ears
  • Check the smell of the ears. If you get a bad odor, then your dog’s ears are absolutely fine. But if you find a sweet smell, contact your vet doctor.
  • Check if your dog’s ears have any scratches.
  • If your dog’s ears contain a different kind of discharge.
  • If whines or yelps you find.

Don’t bath your dog repeatedly

We bathe our dog mainly for 2 reasons. The first one is to keep them healthy & fit. And the second one is for cleaning them. But we can’t do this often. 

dog grooming tips

Basically, you can bathe your dog once a month. But it depends on your breed. The long-haired dogs need to bathe twice a month. Moreover, some breeds exist who don’t need to bathe for a long time. 

At-home dog grooming tips

Many dog owners prefer to groom their dog with a professional groomer. But if you want to groom your pet at home, just follow these simple methods.

  • Firstly, you collect the right tools for grooming.
  • Use a brush for dog grooming. The brush can differ from breed to breed.
  • Bath your dog once a month.
  • Brush your dog’s hair and coat every one after day.
  • For drying your dog after a bath, you can use a towel. Try to avoid the blow-dryer. 
  • Ticks, fleas, and other insects can attack your dog. So, it’s better to check your dog regularly.
  • Make sure that your dog’s nails will be trimmed always. 
  • daily brushing of your dog’s teeth will help to be healthy.
  • Last but not the least, always use hygiene products for your dog. 

Professional dog grooming tips

Be calm

Be slow and careful when you use clippers and scissors. Praise your dog and treats him can make your task easy. You just make feeling him that is the best experience. 

Be calm

While grooming, your dog can be hyper and can create inconvenience. But you should be calm at that moment. So, make your dog calm and stress-free to ensure his safety. You have to give a lot of time for the grooming of your dog. If you notice your pet to tremble or in stress, you can take a break. 

Don’t use scented shampoo

Are you using a scented shampoo for your dog? Please stop doing it. The use of scented shampoo can irritate your dog’s sensitive skin and noses. Try to use a high-quality unscented shampoo. It may be expensive. But if you love your dog, the money won’t matter. 

Professional groomers recommend diluting the shampoo. Because it is an easier way to rinse the shampoo completely. You can also use conditioner after shampoo your dog. If you want your pet looking & smelling awesome, I will suggest using waterless shampoo. And of course, use this shampoo before brushing or combing. It helps to break up tangles. 

Never restrained Fido

Personally, I don’t like restraining dogs. It seems to be cruel. Your dog feels insecure and depressed about that. They are also a creature like us. They have feelings as we have. You know that they love us more than their life. In many cases, they even don’t hesitate to give up their lives for our sake.

So, how can we restrain them? Instead of doing so, we should keep them in a secure place like a dog house. He will be happier in the house.

Don’t do too much with your dog

Grooming your dog is scheduling work. But you have to do it full of patience and also in a systematic way. There are several tasks in the grooming part. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do all of these at a time. There is a fixed time for each part. 

dog grooming tips

Therefore, you should behave calmly with your dog. Try to convince your dog to take grooming with a soft tone. but never do any force on him. Be the grooming process naturally. 

Bath your dog maintaining the proper gap

The bathing dog has a specific schedule. You can’t bathe your dog often. Notice when your dog becomes dirty or smelling bad. That is the right moment to bathe your dog. And be careful of bathing your dog in the cold weather. Try to bathe them in a hot place. And towel dry after bath is a must. try to avoid blow-drying. it may cause terrifying overheat to your dog. 

Naturally, you can bathe your dog only once a month. And not forget to brush your dog before start bathing. It helps to make easy your task.

Don’t cut nails too short

Sometimes, we trim our pet’s nails too short. This is painful for our pup. It has a bad effect. The calm doggies can be agitated because of it. If you mistakenly cut the “quick” ( the blood vessel of the dog’s nail) of the dog, there is a chance of bleeding and pain. 

The solution to it is cutting the tips of the nails. And you can trim the hooks normally. Always remember to trim your dog’s nails after calming down. Clip until you see the pink of the white nail of your dog. But if your dog has a black nail, clip until you see the black dot.

Proper use of grooming tools

You can research the tools online or can talk with professional groomers. Try to buy stainless steel products. It may be costing more, but it is a long-lasting product. The brush you use for grooming can vary from breed to breed. Choose the right brush for your pup. 

The equipment you use for your dog is safe? You need to be very careful in this matter. We can’t risk the life of our dog. Try to use the tools that recommend professional groomers. A clipper, comb, and slicker brush is a must for grooming. Before buying these, you should research them properly. 

Last words

The professionals give you dog grooming tips to make sure that your dog won’t hate it rather than enjoying the grooming. So, make the grooming enjoyable to your pup. 

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