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dog spa

When dogs enjoy playing in the mud, they can get dirty and smell so odd. At that time, a dog spa can help your dog making stylish & more affordable than you think. If you look at the spa menu, you will find bath service, shampoo the hair, blow-dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning. 

Dog spa service

The price of a dog spa depends on the size and coats of your pup. But most of the time the price range is from $30-80. Many people ask How do I give my dog a spa? I just tell them that read the blog, you will get your answer.

One of the most important conditions for the spa is to take your dog to a quiet place. Because they feel comfortable in those places. Various dogs get scary in a noisy place and don’t let you do the spa well. 

Try to use hypoallergenic shampoo, conditioner, and other products. The target is to give the products that work gently on the skin of your dog. Be aware to trim the nails of your dog. Because there is a blood vessel called “quick“. By any chance, if you cut the “quick”, it will start bleeding and your dog feels the pain. 

In the dog spa service, you will get:

  • Brush Outs
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail “polish”
  • Spa Baths
  • Blueberry facial
  • Brush Outs
  • Paw balm application
  • Breath refresh
  • Nail Trims
  • Grooming 
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Self Wash Tubs 

When you visit the groomer, the primary task is a haircut of your dog. They give a stylish look to your dog. The next level of basic grooming is bathing. 

Types of dog spa

If you are searching dog spa near me, simply search on google, there you find several results according to your location. 

Luxury dog spa

Hey, if you want to give your puppy a royal treat, give him a luxury spa. Have a look at these spa categories and the duration need for each. 

  1. Give your dog soothe & relax muscles. Green tea and aloe vera are used for the spa. In this spa, they massage the skin, joints, and muscles. Then releases thousands of tiny bubbles from his skin per minute. Thus the skin of your dog gets more minerals. He can cheer up, the stress period will going to end, his hair changing also toning up. And it takes only 20 minutes to complete the spa. With the spa, you need to provide good food to your dog.
  2. The therapeutic mud treatment is a different kind of spa. The spa helps your dog to generate a nourished, strengthen, and a healthy cell. It is more helpful for those dogs who use to play in the mud. Because mud detoxified your dog’s skin and the skin carries dead cells. The spa replaces dead cells with nourishing minerals and soothing relief. 
  3. The facial is one of the most famous spas. This is a soothing & hydrating vanilla and blueberry facial treatment. It is so effective for dogs who have facial folds or deep wrinkles. Because due to wrinkles, the dog’s skin can have infections and contain bad odors.

The facial treatment is perfect for some breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs, Sar-Pei, and Boxers. The most gentle treatment of the massage is a relaxing head massage.

So, these are the dog spa services you can give your lovely dog.

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