Emotional Reunion of Sergeant with His Military Dog Because of Retiring from Active Duty

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Mike Alcala, an Air Force staff sergeant, had a hard time in 2021 because his job changed, and he no longer had a bomb-sniffing German shepherd named John. Emotional Reunion of Sergeant with His Dog Because of Retiring from Active Duty.

The two had worked together for three years at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. Alcala tells Morgan Chesky during a TODAY interview on Dec. 22 that when his talents were needed in the field, he had to separate from his four-legged friend.

Key Points of Emotional Reunion of Sergeant with His Dog 

  • Trust in canine partners, specifically highlighting John, a German Shepherd, as a reliable companion.
  • John’s role as an explosive detection dog, showcasing his commitment to saving lives during three years of service at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam in Hawaii and even accompanying the White House abroad.
  • Staff Sergeant Alcala’s skills were needed elsewhere, leading to a difficult separation from John, emphasizing the emotional challenge of leaving a loyal companion.
  • Despite parting ways, a promise is made to come back for John, which is fulfilled upon learning about John’s retirement after eight years of service.
  • John is honored with a retirement ceremony on his Hawaiian base, complete with a special reading of a poem dedicated to military working dogs.
  • John heads to the airport for a new chapter in his life, celebrated by citizens and an American Humane organization handler.
  • The heartwarming reunion between John and Staff Sergeant Alcala is captured, including the introduction of John to his new little sister, 10-month-old Avery.
  • John’s first order of business upon returning home includes a trip to Starbucks for a puppuccino, indulging his sweet tooth after retirement.
  • The story ends with John enjoying belly rubs, back scratches, and love in his new home, symbolizing a well-deserved retirement


It was definitely hard; leaving him was rough, says Alcala. If you have a dog at home, think about that dog. Just walk out the door, leaving them to someone else. It is very sad, but you know they will be in good hands.

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But just as they were being divided, Alcala made a promise.

Alcala said, ‘I told them when I was leaving there, I said, ‘I am coming back for this dog.'”

But that magic moment came recently, when John was released from active duty after eight years of service, and he went and lived out his years with the old Alcalas in Texas.

A sweet reunion The newest member of the family arrived home just in time for the holidays, and his wife, Brittany, and 10-month-old daughter, Avery, welcomed him into their lives in the backyard of Alcala’s home.

Alcala playedfully scratched John’s ears, and said to him: ” Look at you! How you doing Bubbas? I missed you bud. Welcome home, buddy.

Forming a close relationship during their patrols of the base and the surrounding community. White House officials even took them abroad to sniff out any explosives.

Alcala says he entrusts everything he has and his life to him. Because they are our partners, you gotta.

Brittany: I immediately trusted John with his life.

Even after Alcala’s duties changed, John continued to serve on the island. When Alcala heard the 10-year-old German shepherd was retiring from service, he immediately went to his wife to see if he could bring the dog home.

Emotional Reunion of Sergeant with His Military Dog

She only had one request. Are you the Emotional Reunion of Sergeant with His Dog news? Please let us know.

She said, Fix the backyard.

At a retirement ceremony on the Hawaiian base, John was honored with a special reading of the poem Guardians of the Night, dedicated to military working dogs. During the festivities, John played with a toy until he discovered that all that applause was for him.

A handler from the American Humane organization then made the canine’s journey from Hawaii to Texas. A hard-working pooch was cheered by fellow passengers on his flight.

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On behalf of American Airlines, I’d like to wish you welcome, John, a flight attendant said over the intercom to John’s applause.

Finally came the sweet rendezvous with Alcala, who, as a sign of goodwill upon seeing an old friend again for the first time in years, scratches John’s belly.

“It’s amazing,” he said.

It was a small taste of his ultimate assignment–to be a loved member of the Alcala family.

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