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The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden has recently welcomed six African painted dog pups, according to zoo officials.

According to a news release, Pele, a three-year-old African painted dog who first arrived at the zoo on October 2021. Endangered African painted dog pups born at Oklahoma city zoo on November 5 and 6.

“The first litter of African painted dogs in the zo0 was born,” Boyd said in the release.

Key Points of Endangered African Painted Dog Pups 

  • The Oklahoma City Zoo is celebrating the birth of the first of six African painted dog pups.
  • The pups were born in early November, and it’s the first litter for the mother.
  • African painted dogs are endangered, with only about 5,000 remaining in the wild.
  • Zoo caretakers use video monitoring to keep tabs on the pack.
  • Pelley (the mother) and her pups are reported to be doing well.


The world’s most endangered mammals also include the breed of dogs which is often referred to as African wild dogs (World Wildlife Fund). Are you enjoying the Endangered African Painted Dog Pups news? Please let us know.

According to Oklahoma City Zoo, the wild population of the species dropped from approximately 11,800 dogs to about 5,000 within the period of 2010 and 2022. Zoo says it has ‘rich history of support’ on endangered animals.

Through a strategy designed to save the African painted dogs from extinction, we can support conservation programs that target the species specifically. By so doing, we will not only educate our guests here at home about this dynamic species, but continue to learn more about this remarkable species that is the African paintings dog.

See the Video of KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4 about Endangered African Painted Dog Pups

Pele and her puppies in a den at the zoo, video on Facebook.

The release noted that a pack is monitored by caretakers through use of the video-monitoring equipment. Zoo officials reported that the caretakers have seen the pups nursed regularly, which shows that the pups are “healthy and thriving”.

Boyd said, “We are concentrating on allowing the mom to still attach to the new additions behind the scenes, together with the remainder of the pack—something crucial to their success.”

The zoo describes the African painted dogs as having a tri-colored coat, large ears, and fluffy white tails. They are said to be social animals and to be grouped together in groups of 2 to 40 dogs.

World Wildlife Fund asserts that southern Africa and southern parts of east Africa remain the biggest populations of the endangered mammals. Are you enjoying the Endangered African Painted Dog Pups news? Please let us know.

The Oklahoma City Zoo currently has nine painted dogs and has been caring for the species since 1972.

Why is an African painted dog?

African Painted Dog is an endemic canid of sub-Saharan Africa. It is also called Painted Wolf, Cape Hunting Dog or African Wild Dog and it is the largest species in its category with a head-to-body length of 80-130 cm (31-51 inches) and weight of 24-45 kg The name of the dog is derived from its unusual coat, comprising of patches of black, brown, tan, white, and yellow fur.

Endangered African Painted Dog Pups

How many African Painted Dogs are still in the wild?

The wild population of the African Painted Dog is estimated to range from 5,000 to 7,000 individuals. According to IUCN, the species is categorized as endangered due to the major risks of habitat loss and human persecution.

Where is it possible to watch African Painted Dogs in their natural habitat?

African Painted Dogs have small populations scattered from Ethiopia and Sudan in the east to South Africa in the south. Their habitats are the woodlands, savannas and grasslands.

What do African Painted Dogs feed on? Are you enjoying the Endangered African Painted Dog Pups news? Please let us know.

The African Painted Dog, like other carnivores, feeds mainly on medium to large mammals including wildebeest, antelope, and zebra. They will also prey upon smaller animals such as rodents, birds, and lizards.

How does the African Painted dog hunt?

When hunting, African Painted Dogs act as packs and cooperate. In the normal course, about ten to twelve dogs will collaborate to catch their prey. The dogs will then alternately feed one after the other on the prey.

How old do African Painted Dogs become?

The average lifespan of the wild African Painted dog is about ten years. Nevertheless, these animals are susceptible to such diseases as canine parvovirus and rabies, which may shorten their lifespan. African Painted Dogs can live up to 16 years if they are in captivity.

Are African Painted Dogs dangerous to humans?

While most African Painted Dogs are not considered dangerous to humans, they can be dangerous when provoked. It is important to note that most of the attacks have been as a result of the dog feeling threatened or being provoked. Are you enjoying the Endangered African Painted Dog Pups news? Please let us know.

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How can I help African Painted Dog?

You can assist African Painted Dogs by donating to conservation organizations, volunteering your time, and informing others about the species. You can also do so by avoiding buying goods from African Painted Dog skin or parts.

How do the African Painted Dog puppies appear?

Puppies of African painted dog are born with black and white coat that becomes more patchy as they grow. The yellow part is characteristic of adult dogs.

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