how much does it cost to adopt a dog

You must know how much does it cost to adopt a dog

Many dog lovers don’t have a dog and want to adopt a dog. But they don’t know actually how much does it cost to adopt a dog. For this, we decide to talk today about the dog adoption cost. 

A budget doesn’t play much role when there is a matter of companionship. So, if you really want a dog, you consider the dog’s breed and his health, not the budget. However, we always try to cost minimum for the best services.

Cost of dog adoption

The minimum price of dog adoption is $395 for the first year. And the next year the cost will decrease to some extent. But it depends on the type of dog, the age of the dog, the breeder from where you want to buy, and also on the health condition of a dog.

If you want to save money, you can adopt a dog from a shelter. Thus you can avoid veterinary costs. According to Sievert, you just pay $50 to $150 for a dog from a shelter. 

After settle down all the necessary things, your cost will be going down. Just you need to add a minimum maintenance cost in your monthly costing schedule. You need to know how much does it cost to adopt a dog. So, let’s see the estimation of your dog cost:

  • Adoption fee $1-300
  • Food $120-500
  • Food/Water bowls $10-50
  • Treats & Chew toys $50-300
  • Collar $6-50
  • Leash $10-50
  • Doggy bed+Crate $25-50
  • Toys $10-200
  • Vaccines & Routine care $100-350
  • Heartworm Tests $1-35
  • Heartworm Prevention $24-120
  • Flea/Tick Prevention $40-200
  • Total $395-1967

Adopt a dog in dc   

You can find so many places in Washington DC to adopt a dog. Virginia and Maryland are famous. Many dogs are available for adoption in the Forster. Here they keep so healthy because they take a lot of care. You can also find a lot of adoption center in Fairfax station. 

For meeting a dog for adoption, you have to make an appointment. You can email the volunteer too. You can find your favorite dog for adoption from here. They all are waiting to set in their new home.

how much does it cost to adopt a dog

For adopting a dog you need to choose your expected breed first. Then contact the volunteer and send an application for adoption of that particular dog. This is a simple process. After submission of the application, you just need to confirm your adoption through payment. 

Adopt a dog Austin

There is good news for dog lovers that Austin pets are alive. Though the number of dogs is less than expected. But you can adopt the dogs and save them from extinction. To adopt an Austin you have to follow the requirements:

  • First, you have to spend at least 30 minutes with the dog. 
  • Meet with an adoption counselor and fill up the application form.
  • Remember, you should be an adult. That means your age should be more than 18.
  • Then submit your picture ID with your current address.

There we mention some breeds for your kind information.

  • Rio
  • Zydeco
  • Twister
  • Grayson
  • Jake Ryan
  • Fulton
  • Achillies
  • Albus
  • Tommy
  • Charlie
  • Big Caesar
  • Elzar
  • King Triton
  • Chevelle
  • Buster
  • Lyla
  • Baba O’Reilly
  • Mallory
  • Chucho
  • Muffin
  • Colorado
  • Drogon
  • Logan
  • Eeyore

Adopt a dog Denver

In Denver, you can adopt dogs. The breeds that are available for adoption here is given below:

  • Lotta Freckles (male)
  • Silver (male)
  • Dumplin (female)
  • Russo (male)
  • Cody (male)
  • Poppie (female)
  • Noelle (female)
  • Meadow (female)
  • Thor (adult)
  • Midkey (puppy)
  • Carmen (adult)
  • Baby (adult)
  • Tank (adult)
  • Dax (adult)
  • Marta (young)
  • Maynard (young)
  • Petey (young)
  • Lucero (adult)
  • Lucas (adult)
  • Jackson (adult)
  • Jhonson (young)
  • Buster (adult)
  • Brutus (senior)
  • Macgyver (adult)
  • Wilbur (senior)

Adopt a dog Seattle   

Before adopting a dog, you should consider the type of dog that can fit with your family. if you are finding a dog online, refresh the website is the first condition. If you don’t do that, there may be a chance to choose a sold dog.

Dog adoption

To submit your adoption survey, just click on the image and see the details. In the details, you find the procedure of adopting a dog. Here is the list of available dogs:

  • Bubba (male)
  • Dee (female)
  • Bella (female)
  • Maltby (male)
  • Kit kat (female)
  • Bailey (male)
  • Lily (female)
  • Zeus (male)
  • Chica (female)

How can I get a free dog?

There are two ways to find a free dog.

Fostering a dog: If you work with a rescue team or local shelter, there is a chance to take a dog or puppy at home.

Visit or volunteer at a dog shelter or rescue: Always look at the non-profit, no-kill shelters, and volunteer. There you can find a free dog.

Where can I adopt a dog in Singapore?

If you are looking to adopt a dog in Singapore, this information will help you.  

Action for Singapore Dogs ( Adoption fee- $230-350

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) (Adoption fee- $70 – 250)

Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS) (Adoption fee- $250)

Voices For Animals (Adoption fee- $250)


After reading this article, you will clear about how much does it cost to adopt a dog. It depends on several factors. Go through the procedure that suits you most.

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