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Step By Step Guide How to Bathe A Dog| Tips for Bathing Dog at Home

Most of the dogs don’t like to take baths. They don’t mind to stay dirty. Even they are ready to escape from bathing. But we need to bathe our dog. It is essential, not only for hygiene purposes but also to keep your dog fresh and joyous. But how to bathe a dog? Let’s know

How often to bathe a dog

Bathing your dog is hygiene work. With the process, you can also free your dog from fleas, parasites, and other scratches. Because the dirt and germs going visible in the wet body. But too much bath will harm your dog. So, how often you bathe your dog? Actually, it depends on some factors. SO, check out those factors bellow:

  • Point out which place he lives in. Indoor or outdoor?
  • His activities like swimming, play and go rolling.
  • It is a must to check their health condition. If they have allergies, then we should give them extra care.
  • Hair length is also important. 

How to bathe a dog at home   

Bathing a dog at home is not so difficult. If you are a beginner, keep someone to help you. Brush your dog so nicely before a bath. Then you have to ready lukewarm water. Now start shampoo for your dog. 

Always use a dog shampoo. But don’t use human shampoo on your dog. Because it is harmful. Shampoo your dog so carefully. Give special attention to your dog’s ears, eyes, and nose. 

Make a lather of your shampoo. Add water if necessary. Message and rub were needed. Then set it for some time and rinse thoroughly.

Elements for bathing

The elements you can use for dog bathing are:

  • Dog brush
  • Use the right shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Bathtub supplies
  • Ear cleaner
  • Towels for dry

Can you bathe a dog with the dawn?   

If you want to use homemade dog shampoo, you definitely bath your dog with the dawn. It is also cost-saving, keeps your pet clean, and smells. The dawn dish detergent has not only cleaning properties but also deodorizing properties. 

Can you bathe a dog with the dawn

Dawn can kill fleas off your dog. But sometimes, it causes skin issues. So, be careful about using dawn soap. If it suits your dog, then it’s ok. But if you notice some irritation to your pet, stop using it. And visit the veterinary. 

How to bathe a dog properly   

We all dog lovers often bathe our dog. But how many of us bathe our dog properly? Ok, let’s check if we are doing these things properly.

  • We should brush your dog before bathing.
  • Try to use lukewarm water.
  • Bathe your dog in a calm place. So that he wouldn’t think you are torturing him.
  • The most important thing, use the right shampoo for your dog.
  • Rewarding your dog is a super cool idea. It helps to keep your dog relax & pleasant.
  • After setting the shampoo, rinse carefully with water.
  • Last but not least, perfectly blow dry your dog.

Can you bathe a dog with human shampoo?

First of all, we should use dog shampoo for our pup. But if there is some problem sometimes, we can use human shampoo for our dog. Make sure, it wouldn’t be a regular incident. 

The pH balance of human shampoo and dog shampoo is a little bit different. The human acid mantle has a pH of 5.2-6.2. And the dog acid mantle has a pH of 5.5-7.5. So, we can know that human shampoo is a little bit acidic for dogs. 

Can you bathe a dog with human shampoo

The human shampoo doesn’t do serious harm to your dog. But continuous use of it damage your dog’s hair. Fragrance and chemicals including shampoo can burn your dog’s skin. So, it’s better to avoid those shampoo.  

How to bathe a dog that hates water   

If your dog hates water, what will you do? Don’t try to bathe him? Don’t worry you can bathe these types of dogs. Just follow the system. 

  • The special trick is, bathe your dog in the place where he uses to eat regularly. 
  • Train him in a waterless tub.
  • Brush your dog. He will get comfortable with this.
  • Use the word “bath” so many times in front of him.
  • Before bathing, take your dog on a long walk.
  • Fill the half tub with warm water. Because much water will frighten your dog.
  • Stock your dog’s favorite food or toys with you at this time.
  • Helps to reach your dog to the bathing zone, and splash some water into his feet.
  • Then gradually continue the bathing.

How to bathe an aggressive dog   

It’s a little bit difficult to bathe an aggressive dog. But it’s gonna simple to you if you know the tactics. To know the awesome tactics, stay connected with us.

Can you bathe a dog with human shampoo

  • First of all, visit the veterinary with your dog. Find out if there is some problem with your dog. 
  • Choosing the time of bath is important. Before a bath, you can take your dog for exercise. So, he can burn energy.
  • In the case of these aggressive dogs, you should keep an assistant with you.
  • To secure your dog, use a non-slip mat.
  • Using a muzzle can save you from unwanted bites.

How to bathe a scared dog

Sometimes dogs are so scared of bathing. It’s our responsibility to release their fair. 

  • A dry run is the best way to start the bath of your scared dog. Make your dog doing a dry run before taking him to the bath. 
  • Give your dog a dry bath. For that, you can spray on their feet. It gives them a feeling of a bath.
  • Give your pup lots of treats to make him happy.
  • Find out how nervous your dog is. Then take treatment according to the nervous level.
  • Always use natural and mild grooming products for your dog. 
  • You can choose the herbal treatment also. 

Safety tips

There are some safety tips for your dog washing.

  • Avoid washing your dog too often
  • Protect the ears
  • Choose the right shampoo

Last words

I think it is clear to you how to bathe your dog. If you want to hire a groomer for your dog’s bathing, you can. But check out the skills carefully.

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