How to heat a dog house without electricity

How to Heat a Dog House Without Electricity | Best Ways to Keep Your Pup Warm

In the coldest months of the year, we should know how to heat a dog house without electricity. Because many dogs are left alone in their kennels or houses with no way to keep them warm.

Winter is coming, the temperature will drop in a few days. The weather is cold, snow is falling, ice is forming on the ground. And you have no way of heating your dog house. You can’t use gas or an electric heater as they are too expensive and also not portable enough. There are many ways to heat a dog house without electricity. Here we will discuss some simple methods that you can do yourself.

20 Cool Ways to Heat a Dog House without Electricity

If you want to Heat a Dog House without Electricity, then here are 20 cool ideas that you can try.

You can use a wood stove, charcoal stove, firewood, coal, oil, gas, etc. But these things are very expensive and not portable enough so they are not suitable for heating a small dog house.

So what should you do?

Here are 20 cool ideas that are easy, cheap, and safe. They don’t need any special tools and materials.

Improve the House’s Insulation

The best insulation method is to improve the house’s insulation. If the walls are made of brick, stone, concrete, cement, or other insulating material, it will be more effective than just using blankets or straws.

Some people think that adding insulation to the roof is better but this is wrong. Adding insulation to the roof only increases the weight of the roof which makes the roof weaker.

Patch the Gaps in the Kennel

The gaps between the boards of the kennel make the airflow through the kennel. This causes the temperature inside the kennel to decrease. To prevent this from happening, you must patch the gaps. Use cardboard or newspaper to fill up the holes.

Add a Dog Door

A dog door is an opening that allows a dog to go outside. It is usually made of steel mesh or plastic. It helps the dog stay warm when he goes outside.

There are two types of dog doors. One type has a flap that opens automatically when the dog steps on it. The second type has a lever that opens the door manually.

To install a dog door, first cut off the bottom part of the kennel. Then remove all the nails and screws. Drill holes at the corners of the kennel where there are gaps. Cut the hole bigger if needed. Now drill holes along the edges of the kennel to attach the hinges. Attach the hinges to the holes. Put the door over the hinge and attach the latch.

Heaters for Heating Dog House Without Electricity

Heaters are also used to heat a dog house. There are three kinds of heaters:

Electric Space Heaters

Electric heaters are very common. They are used to heat rooms, offices, cars, boats, ships, and even homes.

They are expensive and not portable enough for heating a dog house. So they are not suitable for our purpose.

Gas heaters

Gas heaters are cheaper than electric heaters. They are used to warm rooms, offices, cars, and boats.

Battery Heaters

Batteries are used to heat rooms. They are inexpensive and portable enough to heat a dog house easily. However, batteries cannot last long. So they are not good for heating a dog house for a long time.

Self-heating or Thermal Dog Beds

Thermal beds are designed to keep your dogs warm during cold weather. You can find thermal beds in many pet stores. These beds have a heater built into them. These beds are very comfortable because they are heated by electricity. They can keep your dog warm for about 6 hours.

Microwaveable Cushions for Heating Dog House without Electricity

Microwaveable cushions are another way to heat a dog house without electricity. These cushions use microwaves to heat water. They are very convenient and cost less than electric heaters. You can buy these cushions from most pet stores. They come with instructions on how to use them.

how to heat a dog house without electricity

Paint the House a Dark Color

Dark colors absorb more sunlight. If you paint the walls of your dog house dark colors, then more light will be absorbed by the walls. This will help the room get warmer faster. That’s the way we do it. We like to paint our houses black so that they look cool. With that said, here’s what you need to know about painting your dog house black.

Eliminate Draft Sources

Drafts are openings that allow cold air to enter the room. In order to eliminate drafts, close any windows or cracks around the house. Also, seal any gaps between the floorboards and ceiling.

Place the House in the Sunlight

Place the house as far away from trees and bushes as possible. Trees and bushes block out the sun. When the house is too close to trees and bushes, the temperature inside the house gets colder.

Install a Weather Proof Door or a Dog Flap

Weatherproof doors or dog flaps are installed on both sides of the house. The doors or flaps should be made of metal or plastic. Metal doors or flaps are better than plastic ones. Plastic doors or flaps tend to rust quickly. An insulated cover protects the dog house from rain and snow. It keeps the house dry and helps maintain its temperature.

Raise the House Off the Ground

Raise the house off the ground if possible. Raising the house off the ground makes the house cooler. A raised house also provides a windbreak. Windbreaks prevent strong winds from blowing through the house. Strong winds blow cold air into the house.

Add Heat-Retaining Accessories

Add heat-retaining accessories such as rugs, blankets, and towels to the dog house. Rugs and blankets trap warmth. Tissues and towels trap moisture. All three add warmth to the house. An electric blanket is a great way to heat a dog bed without electricity. Most electric blankets come with thermostats. You set the thermostat at whatever temperature you want. Then you just plug the electric blanket into a wall outlet. The blanket heats up automatically.

Add Blankets and Pillows

Blankets and pillows are added to the dog house. Blankets and pillows provide extra insulation. They trap warmth and make the house feel cozy.

Placing the House Against Your House

Placing the dog house against your home will keep the house warm. The house will act as an insulator. Warmth radiates from the house into the surrounding area.

Place the House Under Additional Shelter

If you have a garage or shed, place the dog house under the shelter. Shelters provide additional protection for the dog house. They protect the house from wind, rain, and snow.

Use Solar Power To Heat

The most important thing when it comes to heating a dog house is that you use the right size dog house. If you don’t know how big your dog’s feet are, then you can measure them using this method.

You need to be careful not to overheat your dog. Overheating a dog can lead to health problems. Dogs that live in hot climates require more care and attention. It’s better to use solar power to heat a small dog house rather than using electricity.

Connect Your Home with Air Ducts

Air ducts help circulate warm air throughout the house. This helps keep the house warmer. To connect your dog house with the main air duct.

Improve Thermal Mass

Thermal mass improves thermal efficiency. Adding large rocks to the dog house increases thermal mass. Large rocks absorb heat and release it slowly. Smaller rocks absorb less heat.

Insulate the House

Insulation reduces heat loss by keeping out cold air. Insulating the walls and floor of the dog house prevents cold air from entering the house. The insulation also traps heat inside the house. So that the dog doesn’t get too hot, try adding some insulation to the bottom of the house.

How to heat a dog house without electricity

Clothe Your Dog With Appropriate Clothing

Clothing keeps dogs cool during the summer months. During the winter months, clothing keeps dogs warm. When choosing clothes for your dog, choose clothes that are appropriate for the weather. For example, don’t wear shorts in the middle of winter. Choose clothes that are designed for your climate.


Beanie is a dog cloth that helps your dog stay warm in winter. In summer, it helps your dog stay cool. Beanies are available in many sizes. Some sizes fit all breeds of dogs. Others are made specifically for certain breeds. 


A jacket or sweater provides extra warmth for your dog. Sweaters and jackets are usually made of wool. Wool is a natural fiber that retains heat well. A jacket protects your dog from the elements. Jackets are especially useful if your dog spends time outside.


A hat is another option for protecting your dog from the elements in summer. Hats are available in different styles and colors. Hats are often worn by people. But hats are also used on dogs.


Boots are great for dogs who spend lots of time outdoors. It prevents dirt and debris from getting into your dog’s paws. Boots are also good for dogs who like to dig holes.


Can You Heat a Dog House without Electricity?

Yes! You can heat a dog house without electricity. Just make sure you follow these tips.

1) Place the dog house under the roof of the house.

2) Add insulation to the wall and floor of the dog box.

3) Make sure you buy a dog house that fits your dog.

4) Keep an eye on your dog. Don’t let him get too hot or too cold.

5) Consider using solar power to heat the dog house.

Why do Dog Houses need to be Heated?

Dogs need to be kept warm during the winter. Cold temperatures cause their bodies to slow down. As a result, they become lethargic. They may even stop eating. If your dog gets too cold, he could die. 

What is the Best Way to Heat a Dog House?

I’d say it depends on how much space you have and what kind of dog you’re talking about. If you have a small apartment then maybe a kennel would work better but otherwise, why not just put them in the garage where it’s warmer than outside?

If you live in a colder area, you might want to consider buying one of those heated dog houses. You can use a wood stove. Wood stoves burn wood logs. Wood stoves are very efficient at heating homes. However, they are not as efficient at heating dog houses. That’s because wood stoves produce a lot of smoke. Smoke irritates your dog’s eyes and nose. It also makes the air smell bad. 

Do Igloo Dog Houses Keep Dogs Warm? 

Igloo dog houses keep dogs warm. Igloos are made out of snow. Snow insulates the inside of the igloo. The snow also traps heat. This means that igloos will keep dogs warm in the winter.

Igloos are boxes with walls. These walls are covered with snow. The snow blocks the wind. This prevents snow from blowing away. The snow also traps the heat inside the igloo. As a result, your dog stays warm.

Why Avoid Electricity?

Electricity is expensive. If you don’t already have enough money problems, adding more expenses isn’t going to help. Electricity costs money. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll always have access to electricity. So, before you invest in electric dog houses, think about whether you need to heat your dog house this year.

What Temperature Should A Dog House Be?

You should never leave a dog in a dog house that’s too hot or too cold. Dogs can get sick if they’re left in extreme conditions. For example, dogs can get sunburned when they stay in a hot dog house. They can also get frostbite if they’re left in a cold dog house. In addition, dogs can get overheated if they’re left in an extremely hot dog house. Dogs can also overheat if they’re left in the shade. So the temperature of the dog house should be between 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Keep A Dog House Warm Without Electricity?

There are several ways to keep a dog house warm without electricity. Here are some ideas:

1) Use a heater. Heaters are available for dogs. Some people use propane heaters. Others use electric heaters. Electric heaters are cheaper than propane heaters. But, propane heaters are easier to operate.

2) Insulate the walls of the dog house. Insulation keeps the heat in. It also helps prevent moisture from getting into the walls.

Why is warming a Dog House Necessary?

Warming a dog house is necessary because dogs like to sleep in comfortable temperatures. When a dog sleeps in a comfortable tempered room, he gets tired. His body produces less energy. This causes him to lose weight. And it makes him feel sleepy.

The best way to make sure your dog has a good night’s rest is to give him a nice warm bed. Make sure his bed is large enough so that he doesn’t have to jump up and down to find a spot to lie down. Also, make sure that the bed is soft. Soft beds are important because they allow your dog to relax comfortably.

How To Measure Dog House Temperatures

Measuring dog house temperature is easy. All you need is a thermometer. There are two types of thermometers. Digital thermometers measure both high and low temperatures. An analog thermometer only measures low temperatures. You can buy either type of thermometer at any pet store.

To take the temperature of a dog house, first, open the door. Then hold the thermometer near the floor of the dog house. Hold the thermometer in place until the digital display reads 100 degrees F. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to heat your dog house with electricity, then you have to purchase an electric dog house. Or, you can do the ways that are above in the Article.

Remember, heating a dog house without electricity is not as simple as just turning on the lights. It requires planning. If you don’t plan, then you might end up spending more money than you expected.

So, think about what you’ll need before you start heating your dog house. 

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