How to Trim a Dog’s Face | Simple Methods of Cutting the Hair of Dog’s Face

how to trim a dog's face

It is important to keep your dog’s face clean & groomed. For this purpose, you must know how to trim a dog’s face. If he has long hair, it can create irritation to your dog. If you don’t groom them regularly, their hair becomes matted with food & debris. 

To keep your dog happy, you need regular grooming. You can trim your dog’s face for 2 to 4 weeks. There is another facility to trim your dog’s face. While doing this, you can check his ears, eyes, skin, and so on.

How to groom a dog face

There you can see different methods of trimming a dog’s face. The best way to groom your dog’s face is given below:

Brushing your dog

You have to brush your dog in the right way. Start brushing your dog from the top of their head. And then slow down at the bottom. But don’t try to brush the matted haired area. They may hurt by doing it.

You can try to ease the matted hair with your finger. Or leave it for cutting off with a scissor. To prevent the comb from irritating your dog, brush your dog with gentle strokes. 

Using clippers

The growing hair of your dog’s head area, eyes, ears, forehead, cheeks, and chin should be clipped. You can use electric clippers for this purpose. It’s easy to remove the matted hair with a clipper. 

Try to use clippers in the same direction of hair growth. Be careful while doing this. Don’t get too close with the skin of your dog. You must check the temperature of the metal regularly. And don’t use it if that is too hot.

how to trim a dog's face

To use the clipper in the right way, hold your dog’s ears up and back. Then you can easily trim the hair between the ears and eyes.

Prevent debris build-up

The tools you can use to trim depends on the size of your dog. If you have a big dog, clippers will be easy to use. But if your dog is so nervous or afraid, use scissors. Because scissors don’t make noise. 

Don’t forget to trim the hair around the sides of your dog’s muzzle. Note an important thing. If you used to scissor, keep it away from your dog. 

Hair cut of your dog

Long hair often makes your dog irritated and unhappy. It also accumulates dirt and debris. The fluid that runs from their eyes also causes discomfort. 

Be careful to clip the hair from the sides of his eyes. Using electrical clippers is useless in this area. Try to use scissors with blunt ends. This is the safest option if you are grooming your dog at home. 

The interested thing is now you can make homemade dog shampoo for fleas so easily.

Let’s ease the grooming process

Calm down your dog

It’s a brilliant idea to calm down your dog before grooming. There are so many ways to calm down your dog. The popular one is to play or walk with your dog. 

High-energy dogs don’t like to sit still for a long time. So you just make them tired by playing or walking with them. The more they tired before grooming, the more they will relax during the grooming.

how to trim a dog's face

And it works fantastically at the time of grooming their face. The professional groomers apply this trick to groom the face of a dog.

Reward your dog regularly

Who doesn’t like rewards? Dogs also like rewards. You can give treats as a reward for his good behavior. When he completes a big session in the grooming, give him some rewards. 

Giving your dog treats is so necessary. It makes him happy and also eases your task. You can give treats like giving food or a toy for your dog. It makes him create a positive connection between his behavior and grooming steps. 

Brush your dog regularly

You have to brush your dog regularly to keep him clean. You can brush your dog weekly. Try to brush your dog daily if possible. It lessens your extra work during the grooming session. 

If you have a long-haired dog, a pin brush is the best. But if you have a short-haired dog, use a brush with natural or soft bristles. To remove dead hairs and keep your dog’s coat shiny, use a slicker brush. 

A slicker brush and metal comb is the best combination for a dog with short, wiry hair. This type of hair tangles easily. So, you need to brush them as often as possible. 

Cleaning method

Remove dirt & debris

To wipe the area around the dog’s eyes, use a warm, damp washcloth. You must wipe the inner corners of your dog’s eyes. This is the most probable area to build-up dirt easily. Continue wiping from inner to outer areas.

remove debris by trimming your dog's face

Never push any dirt to the eye during the wiping. It may cause infection. Fluids of your dog’s tear ducts can make brown strains of his hair. So, wipe his eyes daily to keep the natural hair color. 

To prevent staining, dab a little petroleum jelly into the corner of your dog’s eyes. If your dog producing a huge amount of teras, visit the veterinary immediately. 

Don’t clean the inside of your dog’s ears

You just need to clean the outside of your dog’s ears, not inside. To wipe the ears area, use a damp and soapy washcloth. Don’t let enter a single drop of water into your dog’s ears. 

In case you need to clean the inside of your dog’s ears, used an alcohol-based ear cleaning product always. Don’t use water in this case.

There is more task to do 

  • Check the folds around the dog’s mouth.
  • Bath your dog’s head and face.
  • Rinse the shampoo from your dog’s face with lukewarm water.
  • Then dry off your dog with a towel.


If you don’t know how to groom a dog’s face, you may get nervous. But there is nothing to worry about. After practicing the methods repeatedly, you will be the master of grooming your dog’s face. 

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