how to trim overgrown dog nails

How to Trim Overgrown Dog Nails

Your dog’s nails become too long. In this situation, if you ask me how to trim overgrown dog nails, I will recommend you to read the whole article. 

As dogs are our best friends, we need to care about them. So let’s know the nail trimming process of a dog.

The problems of a long nail

Overgrown dog nails create a health issue and discomfort to your dog. It puts unpleasant pressure on your dog’s foot & leg structure. The serious cause of overgrown dog nails is tendon injuries and deformed feet. 

As the quick is connected to the overgrown nail, you need to be very conscious of trimming it. The longer your dog’s overgrown nail, the longer it’s quick also. 

You should encourage the quick to recede gradually. That makes the trimming easy. You can trim once a week. It makes it easy to keep your dog’s nails short.

Supplies for trimming your dog’s nails

At first, you need to collect some supplements to trim your dog’s nails. So the supplies are:

  • Styptic powder or cornstarch
  • Yummy treats
  • Electric dog nail grinder
  • Scissor style clipper. It should be sharp and its size depends on your dog’s size. 

Supplies for trimming your dog's nails

The length of a proper overgrown nail

Do you know the exact time when you should trim your dog’s nails? To maintain the proper length of your dog’s nails, you should trim the nails once every week or every two weeks. 

Here is some identification of long nails. Long nails become dry, split, and touch the ground. The ideal lengthy nail has to too short to touch a flat ground.  


Here are the simple steps o trim your dog’s overgrown nails. After reading the steps you will get a clear idea about how to trim overgrown dog nails.

Make your dog comfortable

Most of the dog doesn’t want to trim their nails. They fear the tools of trimming. So, the first step is to overcome their fair of trimming tools. You have to give time for the full training.  

Let your dog investigate the tools. Make him comfortable with the tools. You can give treats to make him happy. Continue the process for several days until your dog gets familiar with the tools. 

Set the position

Setting the position and timing of your dog to trim the nail is an important thing. Make your dog relax and comfortable first. And try to distract the dog. In this case, toys and treats help you. 

You can keep a second person to hold your dog. It eases your task. You can hold them in your lap if you have a small pup. Just focus clearly on his nails. 

how to trim overgrown dog nails

Lift your dog’s paw when you sure that you are in a good position. To prevent them from pulling away, hold him close to your body. According to your plan, you can easily take his paws one by one and trim it well. 

Safe the quick

Identify the quick of your dog before starting to trim the nail. The quick appears darker pinkish between the light color nails. In the light nails, there is easy to identify the quick. But if your dog has a dark nail, then it is difficult to find out the quick. 

It’s better to trim a small amount the first time. Then look into the tips of his nail. Then continue the process gradually. 

Trim safely & confidently

After setting the position and identifying the quick, it’s time to trim the nail. Trim a little bit with the best quality clipper. Don’t dismiss the natural shape of your dog’s nail. 

After every bit of trimming, look for a small black dot. You should stop trimming when the dot is visible to you. Trim nails in a safe motion and be relax. If you get nervous, your dog will nervous too. 

Don’t do any rush to trim the nails. Because accidents always occur in rushes. It does not need to trim continuously. You can take a break when you needed it. 

To building a positive association with clippers, give your dog a lot of treats and praises. 

Give time to complete trimming properly

Perfection needs time. If you want perfect nail trimming, you have to take time for this. Just repeat the full process for every nail. Maybe you have to give a few minutes or a whole day doing this. And it depends on your expertise. 

Give time to complete trimming properly

It’s a gradual process to trim the overgrown nail. Try this with full concentration. Trim the nail once a week, then it becomes routine work for you. 

Nail clipping tips

Here we share some tips for nail clipping:

  • When cutting nails, be gentle and kind to your puppy always.
  • When you can find out that your dog is anxious, give him a treat immediately.
  • Always start trimming with the back paws. Because these are less sensitive than the front one.
  • Separate the paws using your fingers rather than squeeze. Because squeezing hurts them.
  • You have to act calmly to keep your dog calm.
  • Don’t use negative enforcement. Always use positive enforcement.
  • Smooth the broken nails with a pet nail grinder.
  • Circling around the nail like sharpening a pencil. It avoids hitting the quick.
  • By any chance, you cut the pup’s quick, give him cuddle & treats first to relax them. Then calmly apply styptic powder or cornstarch to stop bleeding. 
  • If you want to trim the nail as much as possible without hurting quickly, cut the nails at a parallel angle. 

Natural nail trimming

You can live to relax without worrying about your dog’s trimming if you live in a city. But for that, your dog needs to do a lot of exercises.  

Let your dog walk at abrasive services like concrete. It serves as a natural nail file. You can use this method artificially if you live outside the city. You need to be very careful in this case.

Final words

The best way of how to trim overgrown dog nails is to make your home dog-friendly. If your dog can have the right environment, the nail trimming process will go smoothly. 

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