Husky dog house

Petmate Husky Dog House Review 2021

Huskey is one of the most loyal pets. If your loyal pet still lives outside, please give him a secure life by providing him a husky dog house. Then your dog feels accommodate & safe. 

The house provides the ultimate protection to your dog. As the house is well crafted and innovative, rain, sleet, snow, and wind can’t do any harm to your pup. Therefore, the assembling of the house is so easy because of the heavy-duty structural foam construction. Just you need a screwdriver to assemble it. And the most important thing is, the house is protected with a lifetime warranty. 

Siberian huskey dog house

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  • The house is very durable and has superior strength. 
  • For healthy airflow, the house has rear ventilation, an elevated floor, and a leak-proof heavy-duty structural foam. Even, it helps to keep your pet dry.
  • Therefore, the geometric dome shape of the house provides your dog with plenty of room. And the offset door protects your puppy from wind, snow, and rain. 
  • The dimension of the door is 15.5″ W x 20″ H.
  • The house is available for all-size dogs also.
  • Gives your dog a cozy and safe environment.
  • Day by day Petmate houses improves the life of your pet.
  • The brand creates a lot of houses for the comfort of your dog.

Key Benefits

  • The Husky dog house has a natural geometric strength
  • Also, gives your dog all-season weather protection
  • Compact and very easy to assemble
  • Get the superior strength house also
  • Superb durability
  • Moreover, the house protects your dog from rain, wind, sleet, and snow
  • Get offset shields pet and pet cot
  • Quick & Easy Screwdriver Assembly also

You may have these questions

What are the dimensions of the curved “door” opening?

The husky dog house size of the door opening is 15.5″ x 20”

Is the house insulated?

The Siberian husky dog house is made with a heavy structural foam construction that keeps the house insulated. You can easily make the Siberian husky dog house plans without any hesitation. 

Does the housework with a pet heating pad?

Yes, it works if you put the heating pad on the floor. Don’t forget to drill a hole so that the electrical cord to exit the house.

Does the house have a front flip?

There is no front flap. 

So, these are all about the husky dog house. You can have the house for your dog’s best protection.

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