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How to build a log Cabin Dog House for Your Dog

Give your dog a log cabin dog house. It makes your dog happier and helps to be cheerful. You can buy a log cabin dog house. But instead of buying the house, you can make it on your own. So, let’s how how you can build the house.

The things you need

For making a log cabin dog house, you need some tools & materials. There is a list of those tools & materials. 

Tools needed for a log cabin dog house

  • Radial arm saw
  • Wood chisel
  • Table saw

Materials for a log cabin dog house

  • Landscape timbers
  • Roofing materials
  • Construction adhesive
  • Pavers
  • Chinking

Ok, after collecting all the tools & materials, you need to choose the place where you want to fix the house. Then start building a log cabin dog house following these steps. 

Step-1: Cut the timbers and notch it

At first, cut the landscape timbers to a proper size. To cut all the timber in the same thickness, set them in a table saw. Remember, you have to flatten the top, bottom, and inner sides of the timber. 

Log cabin dog house

Additionally, you can remain curved on the outer side of the timber. Now, for the lap joints, you have to cut the notches. For your easiness, at the end of the timber, add a pencil mark. 

If you want to remove the slices of wood, use a chisel. Thus you make a notch on one side. And of course, the unnotched side is for the door. How many timbers you gonna use depends on the size of your dog.

Step-2: For the log cabin lay the foundation

A good construction project always starts with a solid foundation. First, level up the whole area where you want to set up the log cabin. Then spread sands on the area. Try to spread the sand up to one inch from the floor. You can also add some stone pavers on the sand. There may be a problem with the remaining rainwater. But you can easily avoid this. How? You just need to make a slope to the point of the welcome section of the house. Thus, the rainwater can go away through the slope. 

Step-3: Building the walls of log cabin dog house

After making a strong foundation, now you can build the walls of the dog house. Here the notches will help you to hold the timber in place. For more stability, you can use the construction adhesive between the pieces. Don’t forget to make a nice space for fitting the door of your dog house.   

Step-4: Give it a roof to build a log cabin

After completing the wall building in high, now the time for giving a roof. You can do it with plywood. If you wanna give an attractive look to the roof, create the front & back gables. Angled lengths of wood will help it to do. Then laid the roofing shingles to add a unique touch. 

Try to build the roof on the ground rather than on the top of the house. And you can make both removable and fixed roofs. Use the standard roofing shingles for building the log cabin. To give the house a more beautiful look, you can use standing-seam aluminum panels. 

Give it a roof

Step-5: Chink the seams for the log cabin

Sealing the house is an important part of building a log cabin dog house. And for that, you can apply chinking in between the timbers. It’s not so hard as you think. Just attach the tube of the chink with a glue gun and apply it thoroughly. 

Protect your log cabin

It’s time to give a finishing touch to your dog’s house. Lastly, you should ensure the safety of the house. Because your lovely friend is going to live in it. Make sure the materials you use for the house, all are good quality materials. Use the best chink to seal the house. This will prevent the house from rotten. You can try triple stretch chinking for this purpose. Ultimately coat the house with UV guard log stain. It will protect your dog’s house from harsh UV rays and other weather effects. Additionally, it gives a nice look at the house too. If you want to make the house long-lasting for years, repeat this every five years. 


Now the time to give your dog the log cabin dog house. This is the best gift for your dog. Because you make it with 

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