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Lucky Dog Grooming-Ins And Outs

Lucky Dog Grooming is one of the premier pet grooming stores. They would like to extend a warm welcome to all pets who need their help. Even they have the experience, expertise, and love for their work. They are working hard to provide the best animal grooming services to the community.

The Word of Lucky Dog

At Lucky Dog Grooming they promise to give your pet a good grooming feeling. With standard grooming services, they will be ready for your pet in two hours or less. 

It is based on a planned selection process. So your pet does not have to stay in the store longer than necessary. They make sure that their Groomers are not hasty in your pet’s performance by avoiding dog bookings. Excessive booking can lead to a lack of quality and is especially important in unsafe situations.

At Lucky Dog Grooming, they hide nothing. Before leaving your precious pet they also want you to be comfortable with their facility and staff. Unlike many pet stores in the area, you as a pet owner and their client are welcome to explore this facility. And discuss the needs of your pet with their staff.

They are happy to provide you with a phone repair rating. However, they need to ask you some important questions about your pet. Please tell them about your dog’s gentleness, breed, weight, age, coat condition, grooming history, and pet trim that you would like.

To ensure the safety of all pets, they ask their clients to advise them. On any pre-existing medical condition, allergies, or health issues. Updated vaccines are required for each dog. 

lucky dog grooming

Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming Spa is interested in any information you can provide about your pet. So that they can get to know them properly. And make their original grooming experience with them even better.


Essential Spa

  • Hydro-Massage Bath enhances blood circulation using warm water. While deep cleansing and massage at the same time to promote healthy skin & coat.
  • Blueberry Facial Scrub. This is a natural extract that contains coconut oil, jojoba, aloe, blueberry extract, avocados, and vitamins. Not only are these fruits and vegetables very beneficial. But they also contain many antioxidants that enhance the appearance of your pet.
  • Variety of Premium Specialty Shampoo. The all-natural shampoo is suitable for skin type and coat type.
  • Clean clean running water.
  • Hand Dry removes excess water to aid in rapid dryness.
  • Blow Dry hand dry. Instead of drying the cage, your pet will notice you skip bird time.
  • Brushing helps to remove any glowing, weed skin, or itchy skin. As well as circulating motions. Which will help keep the skin and clothing healthy.
  • Ear hygiene prevents ear infections that can lead to serious problems with your pet
  • Ear removal some types require. That the hair is removed from the inner ear. To prevent ear infections and/or serious complications.
  • Nail Trim relieves pain, discomfort. And prevents the foot from deviating. Which makes your dog walk abnormally.
  • Nail Grind (made in addition to nail cuts) shortens nails over shaving alone. And removes sharp edges.
  • Cutting feet with Paw Pads gives the feet a good look. And helps keep them clean and dry, especially in bad weather.
  • Cut / Cut the garment to be cut or cut as requested. This is a very important service for those varieties that need regular cutting to keep the coat from harvesting. Matting is painful and uncomfortable. Or Cut out the shortest paths kept for pets.

Ultimate Spa

An additional $ 10 fee (Includes Essential Spa services)

  • Paw Pad & Nose Cream clogs can be damaged by unsafe contact with substances. Such as ice, salt, sand, rough or hot climates. If left untreated, packs of dry cracks can cause severe discomfort. This treatment helps to deepen, moisturize and nourish the skin. Making them soft and smooth as well. Ala Carte $ 5
  • Dental treatment helps to clean your pet’s teeth, cool air, and fight plaque. Taking care of your pet’s dental needs can prevent future problems. And help with overall health. Ala Carte $ 10

Lucky dog grooming prices

Additional repair services 

  • FURminator (depletion therapy). FURminator SHED-LESS treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks to reduce discharge by up to 90%. $ 10- $ 30 depending on the type, size, and shape of the coat
  • De-Skunk / Deodorizing Treatment contains natural enzymes. That breaks down and reduces skunk oil. And other odor-causing agents. $ 20- $ 40 depending on the type, size, and shape of the coat.
  • Nail Paint applies nail polish in the color of your choice to your pet nails. Adds extra flair to any special occasion or holiday. $ 10

The final price will depend on the type, size, shape of the jacket, and additional services. They reserve the right to change their Lucky dog grooming prices at any time. Based on incorrect information provided at the time of actual payment.

Local Services

Lucky Dog is a mobile leader that provides services in the following areas:

  • Macomb
  • Oakland Township
  • Rochester
  • Rochester Hills
  • Shelby Township
  • Utica
  • Washington township


They have been in the grooming business for 18 years. And they determined to open their own shop. Because They care about pets and as owners, they can guarantee they have the best breeding experience in the Plano area.

They are proud of their excellent staff. Their staff realizes that your pet’s safety comes first in everything they do. And will work hard to provide your pet with the right level of top dog grooming for your pet.

Lucky dog grooming hours

They use the best tools and shampoos to suit the needs of each animal. They strive for the greatness and purpose of number one. That you and your pet leave 100% satisfied.

Lucky dog grooming hours of Work

  • Sunday 8:00 AM-8: 00 PM
  • Monday8: 00 AM – 8: 00 PM
  • Tuesday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday today8: 00 AM-8: 00 PM

Payment Method

Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming Spa welcomes CASH, CHECK, VENMO, and CREDIT CARD.

For the best price contact them by phone or email.


To contact Lucky dog grooming 

Come Visit Virginia Village

Good Dog Grooming

In 1950 S Holly St. # 2

Lucky dog grooming Denver, CO 80222

(303) 568-9590Hour Hours

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