Man Arrested for Violently Attacking Dog at Mill Pond Reservoir in Burlington

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In Woburn, Massachusetts, a man arrested for violently attacking dog after police said that he had brutally attacked the dog which was on a walk with its owner at a reservoir last week.

Burlington Police Chief Thomas Browne said a 69-year-old man and his dog were attacked while walking around Mill Pond Reservoir at about 9: 30 a.m. on Dec. 5.

Burlington police noted that two dogs of a man on a bicycle had been engaged in a battle with a walker’s dog. Austin Beliveau Jr, 45, the bicyclist, tried to separate the dogs with his bike, hence causing the other man to fall. Are you enjoying the Man Arrested for Violently Attacking Dog news? Please let us know.

Key Points of Man Arrested for Violently Attacking Dog 

  • 45-year-old Austin Bello arrested for animal cruelty in Burlington.
  • Gigi severely beaten, suffering a broken nose, jaw, and lost teeth.
  • Needed emergency facial reconstructive surgery.
  • Owners traumatized, likened the attack to watching their child get beaten.
  • Witnessed Gigi’s painful path to recovery since last Tuesday.
  • Attack occurred at Milpond Reservoir during a walk.
  • Bello’s unleashed dogs nipped at Gigi, leading to a violent beating.
  • Owners express thanks to police, vet, and media for the arrest.
  • Acknowledgment of community support for Gigi’s recovery.
  • Gigi’s family left with a hefty vet bill after the brutal attack.
  • Despite challenges, gratitude for Gigi’s return to a loving home.
  • Bello charged with animal cruelty, arraigned, and released on personal recognizance.
  • Owners grateful for the entire community’s support during the challenging time.

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Next, Beliveau punched the victim’s dog. The walker did not suffer any injury.

Burlington police reported that Beliveau was arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Monday. He should have been arraigned at Woburn District Court.

Last week Browne noted, “the amount of force that was used to cause these injuries to that dog was overwhelming.”

The family of the walker said that Gigi suffered a broken nose and a broken jaw which had to be surgically corrected.

Our family is shaken but not broken and Gigi has a long road to recovery which has gained so many appreciated prayers and love. We thank you for spreading our story in hopes no one ever has to deal with something similar,” the family wrote in a statement.

Who was arrested?

A man arrested for assaulting a dog at Mill Pond Reservoir, Burlington.

What exactly happened?

The dog yelped as the man hit it without provocation. Are you enjoying the Man Arrested for Violently Attacking Dog news? Please let us know.

Man Arrested for Violently Attacking Dog

Why did he do it?

The man is still held without bail and no clear motive for the attack.

Is the dog okay?

The dog only had minor injuries and is likely to recover.

Who witnessed the attack?

The incident was witnessed by many and the police were alerted.

Who will take action against the attacker?

He may be charged with animal cruelty, and he may even be jailed.

Is the dog going to be put down?

That dog will not be put to death.

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What can I do to help the dog?

Consider making a donation on the GoFundMe page established to help raise funds towards the medical costs for the dog.

What is the Mill Pond Reservoir?

Mill Pond Reservoir is a body of water in Burlington, Massachusetts.

What should I do if I witness such an occurrence?

You should call the police if you see someone being cruel to an animal.

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