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Petmate Barnhome iii Dog House Review 2021

Are you looking for a simple and adequate house for your dog? Let’s introduce today with a unique barn-shaped dog house. And that is the Petmate Barnhome III dog house. The house protects your dog from any dangerous outdoor elements. 

To promote air circulation, it has nice air ventilation. Not only that, to divert rain and raised interior flooring, the house has an extended roof guard line. It helps to keep your pup dry.

As the house is made from plastic, it has an extra benefit. You don’t need to paint the house ever. Because the house is mold resistant and never rot. Moreover, it is so easy to assemble the house. You just need to snap the two-piece together. 

The house helps to keep your dog warm during the winter and also keep cool during the summer. You can take your favorite one from a lot of sizes and color varieties. The house is made in the USA.

Petmate house

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  • Strong durable plastic
  • Rear ventilation that promotes airflow
  • Super easy to clean
  • Easily assemble without using any tool
  • Give your dog a dry & warm place
  • Keep safe your dog in all weather
  • The house will never need a new roof

Key benefits

Petmate Barnhome III offers a farm-feeling shelter for your dog. The perfect house saves your pet from any bad elements. Let’s see the benefits of the house

  • To keep out rain, it has an extended rim on the roof.
  • The textured slanted roof of the house repels water and snow
  • Drafts and block blowing rain is prevented with the solid walls of the house.
  • For airflow and circulation, the house has rear air ventilation
  • Made in America
  • The house is mold and fungus resistant
  • Easily assemble and breakdown
  • During winter, the house provides great warmth to the pet
  • Super easy to maintain and clean up

The material used in the house

The Petmate Barnhome iii pet shelters dog house is a plastic dog house. Structured foam is used to reinforce the house. The solid wall construction provides an insulated environment to keep your puppy cool in summer and warm in winter too. 

The house is so durable and mold & mildew resistant also. The lightweight construction of the house attracts the customer more. An easy-to-clean house is free of flea and pest infestations. You can also check out the Doskocil dog crate.

The house lasts for a long time. And you never need to replace missing shingles, rotting wood, or split boards. With that, the adding of insulation or seal holes are also not necessary. Just you can add minimal bedding for extra comfort of your pet. 

Moreover, you can easily move the house to the basement in winter. The size of the house is so perfect that it can fit or porch or a deck. The doorway of the house is centered with a small strip. To give your dog extra protection, you can add an additional layer to the door flap. 

Suitable dog breed for the house

It depends on your dog’s size than what size of house do you need. But we just show here the most suitable breeds that can live in the house perfectly.

  • Chihuahuas (Small dog breeds)
  • Small terriers (Small dog breeds)
  • Dachshunds (Small dog breeds)
  • Beagles (Medium dog breeds)
  • Small hunting dogs (Medium dog breeds)
  • Boston terriers (Medium dog breeds)
  • Golden Retrievers (Large dog breeds)
  • Labradors (Large dog breeds)
  • Pit bulls (Large dog breeds)


  • More durable and easy to clean
  • Very resistant to mold, fungus, and pest infestations
  • A slanted roof that repels water
  • Has a raised interior floor that keeps the house warmer during winter
  • Easily assemble without using any tool
  • The house has enough accessories to make the Barnhome complete
  • You can find different sizes of house
  • Reasonable price
  • The solid walls of the house add insulation from the weather elements
  • Does not leak in the rainy season
  • No wood odors & paint fumes


There is nothing in the world that is unmixed. The house also has some negative sides. But you can fix it easily.

  • Centered doorway can’t resist rain blowing directly on your dog. But you can fix it by adding a flap on the door.
  • There are no doorway dimensions.
  • Not so much stylish like other dog houses.
  • No ventilation.

Last words

Petmate Barnhome iii dog house should be on the top list if you want a durable, affordable, and high-quality outdoor dog house. It is the best house that keeps your dog safe from bad elements. The house is ideal for small dogs.

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