Petmate dog house

Petmate Dog House Review

Do you want to give your dog a sturdy, spacious shelter for every season? Just go for a Petmate dog house that provides your pup comfort & security. The Petmate Indigo dog house is a classic igloo-shaped outdoor dog house. The offset doorway of the house gives your dog extra protection from rain and wind. 

Even the house can be stable in the high wind because of its patented dome design. Moreover, the insulated dog house has heavy-duty construction. It helps your pet to keep warm in winter and also cool in summer. It also protects from outdoor elements. Not only that, the house helps to prevent the growth of stains and bacteria. 

The dog house gives your pet superb airflow with rooftop ventilation. The raised floor is designed in a way that keeps the floor dry. This house is available in different sizes. Like a medium, large, and Petmate dog house extra-large. 25-125 pound pet can easily fit in these houses. If you want to make the house more comfortable, you can add some elements. The elements are like Petmate indigo pad, Petmate dog house door, tool-free snap assembly, Petmate dog house pad, and so on. 


Indigo dog house

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Key benefits

Spacious Pet Shelter

The Petmate dog house is available in three sizes. These are Petmate dog house medium, large Petmate dog house, and extra-large. Do you know, the precious pet shelter can fit the pets from 25 to 145 pounds. 

Antimicrobial Protection

Sometimes your dog house can be affected by bacteria and releases bad smells. But the house includes Microban Antimicrobial product that helps to protect your dog from this type of bacteria. 

Comfortable Air Flow

The Indigo dog house provides a nice flow of fresh air. Because the house features roof vents for air circulation. Thus your pet feels comfortable inside. 

All-weather Protection

The house gives your pup all-weather protection with its heavy-duty construction. Because the offset doorway of the house maintains a relaxable temperature. And the temperature protects your dog from wind and rain. 


  • Heavy-duty foam construction
  • Extended offset doorway
  • Tool-free construction
  • Roof ventilation
  • A line quality product
  • Provides insulation in hot & cold weather
  • Keep your pet dry & protect from bacteria
  • Give your dog safety & comfort


  • A raised interior floor that keeps your pet dry
  • Warm in winter, and cool in summer
  • Even, it comes in 3 sizes
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Prevents bacteria too
  • The house is sturdy and durable
  • Even so stable in strong winds


  • Some liquid may enter into the tunnel in heavy rain
  • Pay special attention to sizing
  • A little bit difficult to carry
  • All the breeds can’t adjust in the temperature of the tunnel

Frequently Asked Question

Is Petmate Indigo dog house insulated?

As we know, the insulated dog house has features of heavy-duty construction. And the dog house also has the feature. So, we can say that it is an insulated house.

Are the igloo dog house good?

If you want to give your dog super comfort, then the house is good for you. The house gives the dog enough warmth and shelter.

Wrap Up

All the things in the world have both good and bad sides. But we have to give importance to the good sides. Petmate dog house has a longevity structure. And your dog will love to stay in this house. Because it keeps your dog safe & protected. So, the choice is yours. If you want to give your dog the best shelter, you should think about it.

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