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Petmate Kennel Review 2021

When it comes to pet travel, Petmate Kennel will be your dog’s best friend. It keeps your dog safe & comfortable mp matter you take him on a car or air travel. The heavy-duty travel kennel has a strong construction. Because it is made from eco-friendly plastic, a durable wire door, 360-degree wire ventilation windows, non-corrosive bolts, and plastic-covered wing-nuts.

The durable wire door of the kennel has an easy-squeeze latch system. And the system interlocks for added security. The windows bring plenty of healthy airflows. Moreover, the wingnuts give the kennel a durable assembly. 

You find the Petmate kennel sizes in a variety of numbers. It is ideal for dogs. Each dog kennel comes with 2 “Live animal” stickers that make the air travel smoother. One dual food & water bowl is also attached to the kennel door. Therefore, you will get one absorbent paper pad and ID stickers. 

You will find the most air travel requirements in the kennel. But for more security, It’s better to contact your specific airline and know their requirements for verifying their requirements. 

Petmate kennel

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To make the crate training better, it is a little bit difficult to choose the right-sized kennel for your dog. There are several sizes of the kennel. From small to giant, the kennels can accommodate any dog breed. You should choose a kennel where your dog can stand, sit, and move around easily. 

Choose a kennel there is a perfect way. First measure your dog from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail, remember to measure this when your dog is standing. But if your dog is remains sitting, measure him from the top of the head to the floor. The precision pet products are so good. You can check it out.

The ideal size of any dog kennel should be 3-4 inches taller and longer than the dog. As a result, he can easily stand, lie down, and move inside the kennel. If the kennel is too small, your dog can’t move easily in that. Again, if the kennel is too big, your dog may try to use the bathroom in the space.


  • The nut of the house is non-crossing.
  • Have heavy-duty plastic construction.
  • The kennel is made of easily recycled materials and in the USA.
  • To operate secure latches is super easy.
  • There is four-way ventilation.

Key Benefits

  • The kennel gives you extra security with its four-way vault door.
  • And also prevents sliding & shifting.
  • Your pet will get heavy-duty protection with so many features of the house. The features are non-corrodible wing nuts, interlocking Petmate kennel door, durable plastic shell, and extra strong steel wire.
  • 364-degree ventilation gives your pet fresh air and visibility from all sides. Because of the ventilation openings surrounding the kennel.
  • For easy modification for travel, the portable kennel includes 2 Live animal stickers, ID stickers, and clip-on bowls. 
  • For easy & safe travel, The Petmate kennel cab meets all specifications of most airlines. 

Last words

The Petmate Kennel turns your pet house into a home. The kennel is the perfect match for any size of dog. 

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