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Police are investigating after two dogs were shot in what police are calling “vicious attack” at a business in Cincinnati. Police Officer Kills Dog During Vicious Attack. It happened Wednesday around 9: At the Tri-County Golf Ranch, when the Hamilton County Communications Center received a phone call of a person being attacked by two large dogs in the business premises at 22 a.m.

Springdale Police Chief Thomas Butler said that the officers responded. When they arrived at the scene, the police said it was a dog attack.

Butler said, the first officer on scene fired his weapon because he was trying to help the victim who was being attacked.

Key Points of Police Officer Kills Dog During Vicious Attack

  • Police officer forced to fire on two dogs attacking someone.
  • Dogs dead after the incident.
  • Victim, Lawrence King (62 years old), also shot in the leg during the rescue attempt.
  • King recovering in the hospital.
  • Leg injury considered serious but non-life-threatening.
  • Incident occurred at Tri County Golf Ranch in Springdale.
  • Delivery man witnessed the attack and called 911.
  • Delivery driver reports a man being attacked by dogs.
  • Describes the severity of the attack, with attempts to lock himself in a room.
  • Expresses concern about the dogs’ aggression.
  • Officer Michael Distefano, an 11-year veteran, involved.
  • Police shot and killed both attacking dogs.
  • Standard investigation underway.

See the Video of WLWT about Police Officer Kills Dog During Vicious Attack

The officer shot both dogs, and later came to the aid of the victim. Butler said that both dogs are dead.

According to the police, the victim was also struck by one of the rounds in the leg while he was tending to the victim.

Lawrence King, the 62-year-old victim who was the co-owner of Tri-County Golf Ranch, was treated at the hospital for severe but non-fatal dog attack wounds.

Butler said that the Criminal Investigation Section of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office was requested to investigate the incident to ensure transparency.

Springdale police officer, Michael DiStefano, is a 10-year veteran.

Both of these dogs belonged to King’s business partner.

What happened?

A dog attacked police officer and another victim, and the officer had to shoot the dog. The dog bit the officer in response to a report of the dog being aggressive. The assault also left the victim wounded. Are you enjoying the Police Officer Kills Dog During Vicious Attack news? Please let us know.

How did the incident happen?

The report of the aggressive dog occurred while the police officer was responding. The dog attacked him and the other victim when they arrived on the scene.

Police Officer Kills Dog During Vicious Attack

Who was involved?

However, the incident had only two parties; the police officer and the victim.

What was the outcome?

As a result of the incident, the police officer was obliged to kill the dog. The attack also resulted to injuries to the victim’s body.

Has this ever happened before in this manner?

This would imply that this is not the first of its kind in the region.

What is being done to make sure this is not repeated?

Nothing has been said on what measures will be taken to ensure this does not recur. Are you enjoying the Police Officer Kills Dog During Vicious Attack news? Please let us know.

What will I do if I get to see the dog that is aggressive?

You call the police immediately if you see an aggressive dog.

What should I do if I am bitten by a dog?

In case a dog attacks you, you can defend and call for help.

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Who should I contact if I have any questions about this incident?

In case you have questions about this incident, you can call the police department.

What should I do to make such a situation not be repeated?

There is nothing mentioned on how something like this can be averted or averted.

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