Primal Dog Food – The Best Food For Your Dog

Primal dog food

In the area of all organic pet food, primal dog food holds a place of a premium raw food company. They believe in giving good food to the dogs. And for this reason, the company uses the highest quality ingredients and certified organic produce. 

No matter what is going to make, but they always include ingredients for a specific reason. And also refers to their food as “species-appropriate nutrition”. 

All foods of the company prepare with fresh, antibiotic, and free meat, bones, and organs. And they don’t add any hormones. Even they don’t use any pet-grade meats to any food. So, humans also eat the foods. It is healthy food indeed.

Process of creating their food

The process of creating their food is so natural. They don’t use any artificial ingredients like corn, gluten, wheat, grain, steroids, hormones, antibiotics, crates, soy, synthetic vitamins, etc. 

They make foods for wild-caught, grass-fed, and vegetable fed animals. And these foods come from sustainable sources like human-edible, certified organic, ethically raised, and manufactured in the USA.

A quick look at the brand

Made in: California, USA

Founded in: 2000

Types of food: Primal freeze-dried dog food ingredients, Raw, Treats, Meaty Bones

Available at: Amazon, Petsmart, Chewy, and of course in the Local Retailers.

Primal pet food online store

A list of Primal Pet Food Online Store

You get the following foods in Primal dog food. 

  • Primal Chicken formula nuggets
  • The Primal pork formula nuggets
  • Primal lamb formula nuggets
  • Primal Turkey & Sardina formula nuggets
  • The Primal dog food calculator & venison nuggets
  • Primal duck formula nuggets
  • Primal Turkey Liver Munchies dog treats
  • The Primal beef chips jerky dog treats
  • Primal organic chicken nibs jerky dog treats

The most healthy Primal Dog Food Reviews

There is a huge collection of dog food in Primal. They provide the best foods for your dog. Let’s check the list:

Primal Nuggets

The simple dog food comes from a complete formula line. The food gives your dog proper nutrition. Even it is the best food for busy dog owners. You can find your expected result for Primal dog food Canada.

Primal pronto scoop

The food is a part of the complete formula. And the frozen, thawed food looks like dry dog food. Therefore, it contains all-natural human-grade ingredients. Not only that the food has plenty of nutritional information

The food is very effective to transition a puppy away from hard food. But you only give the food with maintaining a proper diet.

Starter packs

The starter pack for a dog has a chicken, pork, Turkey or Sardine, and beef nugget. 

Bone Broth

The bone broth adds digestion support, joint support, and necessary moisture to your dog’s regular diet. You can add it with your commercial food supplements. It keeps your dog hydrated and healthy all time. 

Dog Bone broth

Raw goat milk

The milk is enriched with high vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, fatty acids, electrolytes, and trace elements. So, it is known as “Universal Milk” You can give the milk as supplementary nutrition to your dog’s healthy diet. 

There you find more dog foods like Raw frozen mixes, Raw Meaty Bones, Recreational Bones, and many dog treats. 


  • For dog food choice, Primal dog food is an excellent choice. 
  • They always use high-quality ingredients. 
  • And also these are human-grade and organically certified. 
  • Unprocessed amino acids, fresh protein necks, and bones are included in their formulas that work as a calcium supplement. 
  • They use coconut oil that is very beneficial for aged dogs.
  • The freeze-dried products of Primal make the best raw dog easy. 
  • The most significant thing is the Primal dog food has zero pathogenes


  • The price of Primal dog food is high.
  • Most of the foods high in protein & fat.
  • They do not approve HPP processing.


The Primal dog food is the best for those who are interested to feed dogs raw but don’t have enough time. However, anyone can try their food for their dog. Because the foods are highly nutritious

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