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Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot

The roommates claim that the officers violated federal law by not possessing a warrant as they entered the apartment and shot their pet dog. That’s why the roommates file $16 million for dog shot.

Before two of those officers shot their firearms at the animal, and the third used a stun gun on it, the dog, a boxer mix named Hennessey, did not attack the three officers who entered the apartment, as per the federal lawsuit.

The suit is demanding over $16 million as damages in this case. However, the encounter started on June 2nd, 2021, after the Prince George’s County police officers responded to dog bite reports from an apartment where the four plaintiffs stayed. This was recorded by police body camera and by a cell phone of one of the plaintiffs. Are you enjoying the Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot news? Please let us know.

Key Points of Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot

  • Two roommates  filed a $16 million lawsuit against Prince George’s County Police Department and three officers.
  • Incident occurred at Landover Hills Apartment Complex 
  • Police responded to a call about a dog bite.
  • Obtained police body camera video shows officers entering the home, brutalizing residents, and shooting their dog.
  • Allegations include illegal entry, false arrest, and inhumane treatment.
  • Dog was badly injured during the incident and later euthanized.


The plaintiffs reported that two officers went to their apartment to search for the dogs believed to have bitten them. A maintenance worker provided police with a master key to gain access to the apartment upon knocking on the door and receiving no response. When they stormed the apartment the third officer arrived.

Two of the plaintiffs were in their bedrooms at the time the officers entered. As the suit states, one of the officers argued that it was not necessary for the police to have a warrant because they had the “probable cause.” Another of the people yelled through the door that the police had no right to be there.

In this lawsuit, it is alleged that, the officers panicked then opened fire on the dog while it followed one of the plaintiffs out of the bedroom then approached its primary owner, Erica Umana. Are you enjoying the Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot news? Please let us know.

See the Video of WUSA9 about Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot

The officers handcuffed the roommates and left them in police cars for about one hour before releasing them.

Umana, Erika Erazo Sanchez, Dayri Amaya Benitez and Brandon Cuevas — these are the plaintiffs in the case.

Umana said that she pleaded with one to help her dying dog in Washington Post in 2021.

“That’s all I was doing, begging them, begging them,” Umana said. “They just had no remorse.”

Umana sued the county for damages. The county offered to compensate Umana for her veterinary bills if she agreed not to speak publically on the shooting, but she refused the offer. Are you enjoying the Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot news? Please let us know.

Police and county officials failed to comment on the allegations of the lawsuit in timely manner.

The suit goes on to say that “this lawsuit is another tragically foreseeable result of an ineffective and biased policing system in Prince George’s County, which the county administration has continued to ignore.”

As the suit states, the three cops were put on the paid administrative leave by the department which was investigating the matter. The suit says that a department investigator accused two of the officers of “conduct unbecoming an officer” for going without a warrant into the apartment, whereas the third officer was found free of wrongdoing.

The suit alleges that the officers infringed the fourth and fourteenth amendments by using excessive force, falsely arresting the plaintiffs and violating their right against unreasonable searches and seizures. Are you enjoying the Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot news? Please let us know.

Roommates File $16 Million for Dog Shot

Billy Murphy Jr., a lawyer for the roommates, represented the family of Freddie Gray, a black man who died as a result of police brutality in Baltimore in 2015, which provoked riots and protests. On Monday, the Prince George’s County police officers sued Murphy, who described their conduct as “outrageously flagrant misconduct.”

Murphy said: “for this to be happening in 2021 blows the mind.” “The DNA of the founding of America says you can’t do this. You just cannot walk into somebody’s house because you have a key and you cannot get a search warrant.”

The suit alleges a pattern of police misconduct in Prince George’s County, which is next to Washington, D.C., that goes back decades. It cites numerous instances, including the January 2020 killing of unarmed Black man William Green. Don’t forget to visit the latest news at The Best Dog House.

Michael Owen Jr. shot and killed Green while green was handcuffed in a police car. Michael was a 10-year veteran of the police department. Owen starts trial today on a murder charge he was arrested for last week. The county reached a $20 million settlement with Greens family who were also represented by Murphy’s law firm.

Malcolm Ruff, another lawyer, who also filed a complaint on Monday, claimed that Prince George’s County police officers “have no fear of reprimand, and they think that, they will go scot free, treating people the way they did.”

Ruff said, “And that is because of the history of how Prince George’s County has handled misconduct over the years”.

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