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This dog spent the last two years dreaming that one day he will be adopted from a shelter in December 2021. In the end, he had the chance to be adopted at Christmas that was the wish of the old man. Because shelter dogs getting adopted for Christmas.

Four days to Christmas and a pit bull mix found shelter because of the death of a beloved owner in 2021. Indeed, the staff at Associated Human Societies (AHS) in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, were very sad at the poor pup that would not be having turkey scraps or opening of gifts with his master.

Key Points of Shelter Dogs Getting Adopted for Christmas

  • Mission Accomplished: KENS5’s year-long mission to find homes for abandoned pets.
  • Success Stories: 11 out of 15 highlighted pets adopted, thanks to viewers.
  • Forever Homes: Pets like Jackson (three-legged lab), Tanner (Tabby), Chicken Little (Kelpie dog), Paige (pitbull mix), and more found loving homes.
  • Christmas Magic: Christmas morning update shares heartwarming tales of adoption success.
  • Kenny’s Hope: Kenny, a rescued feline, still awaits a Christmas miracle; four other pets still need homes.
  • Community Love: Viewers credited for the success; families traveled from different states to adopt pets.
  • Heartfelt Thanks: Gratitude expressed to viewers for making a difference.
  • Happy Holidays: Warm wishes from KENS 5 and their adopted furry friends.


Mack still continued smiling and helping people to smile even after his heartbreaking experience at the shelter. According to Sandy Hickman, media coordinator for the AHS Popcorn Park Shelter, “to know Mack is to love him.”

For two years following that, the staff of the sanctuary searched for a home for Mack so he can finish his life happily. But in November 2023 that day came, and it may have taken longer than planned, but that Christmas looks very bright for Mack.

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Hickman continued: Mack was a very big, happy, and healthy dog when he arrived at our shelter. Our staff and volunteers walked him and spent time with him regularly. He also went to several different dog adoption events.

His adopter fell in love with him at first sight, and she came on several occasions to visit him before he could move to her house for good.

Mack’s story has a happy ending unlike that of most shelter animals. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that more than 6.3 million of these companion animals end up in shelters across the country annually only 4.1 million of those are eventually adopted.

With about 3.1 million dogs looking for homes, no wonder that the shelters are having difficulty dealing with the influx. As Newsweek noted, many shelters are at peak capacity with very few or no adoptions. This is believed to be partly as a result of high living costs and unethical breeding. Are you enjoying the Shelter Dogs Getting Adopted for Christmas news? Please let us know.

Shelter Dogs Getting Adopted for Christmas

However, after seeing one of their long-term residents finally find a home, the shelter shared pictures of Mack smiling gleefully on Facebook, stating that he is now “living his very best life.” The post quickly warmed many hearts and generated more than 1,600 reactions

Though countless individuals were happy to hear Mack has a home for Christmas, the shelter is full of dogs waiting for theirs.

According to Hickman, “all three of our AHS shelters in New Jersey are full of great dogs like Mack that have been waiting for ages for someone to notice them.” MACK is one amongst numerous pit bull-types in shelters and they feel stigmatized against the breed that does not favor their chances of adoptions.

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However, all of them have their own distinctive characteristics. As a result, we implore potential adopters to be more open-minded and meet a few aged or a bit shy shelter dog rather than judge them based on their breed and age. You would be amazed by what you discover after

Among the delighted comments on the post, one Facebook user wrote: Omg! awesome news, Mack. happy life.

Another person responded: “So happy for Mack.”

While one person commented: The adoption stories are really good. The dog’s face just shows that he is very happy.

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