SoCal Couple’s Dog Survived Mysterious Illness and They Speaks Out

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SoCal Couple’s Dog Survived

A SoCal couple’s dog survived a mystery illness, they spoke out about their ordeal to help other people. Tucker, a golden retriever, became sick all of a sudden and could not walk or stand. The veterinarians were puzzled and could not understand.

After one week of tests and treatments, Tucker started to improve. He is back to his regular self, and the couple is sharing their story so that it will help other people.

The couple notes that they were concerned about the Tucker’s illness, which the youngster started showing symptoms of. He felt weak, lethargic, and he lost appetite. The brought the dog to the vet that diagnosed him with an autoimmune disease.

Key Points of SoCal Couple’s Dog Survived

  • A mysterious illness is affecting dogs in Southern California.
  • A Fallbrook family shares their dog’s survival story amid the crisis.
  • The family’s golden retriever, Ike, fell ill during a dog show trip in September.
  • Ike displayed symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and lack of energy.
  • Vets initially couldn’t identify the illness, and the family was losing hope.
  • Transferred Ike to a local hospital where he was quarantined due to the contagious nature.
  • After multiple tests, Ike was diagnosed with K9 infectious respiratory disease complex.
  • This illness has affected at least 10 dogs in less than a week, according to the LA County Public Health Department.
  • Symptoms include cough, runny nose, sneezing, and lethargy in infected dogs.
  • Desperate for a solution, the family received advice online to try chloramphenicol.
  • Ike showed improvement within hours of taking the antibiotic.
  • The strong antibiotic was a last resort, saving Ike’s life.
  • Vets advise avoiding places with unknown or unvaccinated dogs, such as dog parks, boarding facilities, and groomers.
  • If a dog shows symptoms, owners should contact a vet promptly for evaluation and proper treatment.
  • The LA County Public Health Department urges vigilance as the illness spreads during the holiday season.
  • Reports of euthanized dogs emphasize the severity of the situation


Tucker was put on different medications, but in vain, he did not get better. He was trapped in a crate and couldn’t move a finger. The couple was afraid that their dog was going to die.

Fortunately, Tucker began to improve after a week of treatment. The couple is now sharing their story with the hope of encouraging other people to follow the same path.

A Southern California’s family says after their beloved’s pet was diagnosed with an illness affecting dogs around the country and the antibiotic “last resort,” which “saved him.”

Ike, a Golden Retriever, got a strange sickness during the trip the Oliver family had in September in dog shows, the family reported.

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Initially, veterinarians didn’t know what it was and were losing hope.

As Becky Oliver said, “They had given up, and Ike was starting to give up.”

They managed to move Ike closer to their home in Fallbrook, to a hospital.

As John Oliver mentioned while talking about Ike, “When he got to Murrieta at the vet there, they put him in isolation behind the glass”. “He could not go into the room to see them because he said, there weren’t any other dogs in there with him so that’s how contagious this is.”

Following multiple tests, it is stated that Ike had the deadly dog respiratory illness called canine infectious respiratory disease complex.

Dogs that catch it will suffer cough, runny nose, sneezing, lethargy, etc.

Los Angeles County Public Health says that it has already learnt of nine cases in less than one week – and these are just reported cases.

Last week, I was at one clinic and we had three separate cases of young dogs becoming progressively sick and later had to be euthanized,” said Dr. Ross Bernstein, the veterinarian.

SoCal Couple’s Dog Survived

However, in Ike’s case, they had a solution.

Following the incident they shared on the internet, some stranger advised them to use chloramphenicol.

For example, Ike was breathing so much better just a few hours after the treatment, and only three days later, the 5-year-old Golden Retriever went back home.

This is the very strongest last antibiotic he could have used, but it saved him, Becky said. Otherwise, he would not be here.

Vets give this advice in order to keep pets safe as the illness spreads this holiday season. Don’t forget to visit the latest news at The Best Dog House.

Bernstein said, “stay away from the places with many strange dogs whether vaccinated or not and in a good health or not.” So, places like dog parks, boarding facilities, groomers, which are places where you don’t know the other dogs that your dog is going to interact with.

It’s been a long and tough time for these SoCal couple and their dog, but now they can tell what has been going on. The dog from their household mysteriously recovered from an illness that puzzled them. Fortunately, they managed to get assistance and their dog is doing fine now. The story is about what it means to keep going for the sake of love and our animal companions.

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