Brace yourself, Frenchie fanatics: US pups cost $1,500 to $8,000, on average.

Location matters - California cuties cost up to $5,200, while southern pups like Texas' are $4,500 max.

Don't underestimate reputation - top breeders inflate prices beyond $5,000 easily.

Rare colors like lilac or blue? Prepare to shell out, they can hit $12,000 or more!

Gender plays a role too - females typically fetch a higher price than males.

Age is a factor - younger puppies cost more than older ones.

Remember, adoption can save you thousands and give a loving Frenchie a home.

Beyond the pup price, budget for healthcare, food, and supplies - it adds up!

Don't be tempted by bargain basements - unethical breeding can lead to health problems.

Invest wisely in your Frenchie friend, their love is priceless, their price tag...not so much.