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why shih tzu are the worst dog

The Shih Tzus are among the smallest breeds of fluffy dogs endowed with long, flowing coats and a friendly disposition. Nevertheless, several reasons why Shih Tzus can be regarded hard canines to own. And that’s one of the reason why Shih Tzu are the worst dog.

High-maintenance grooming needs

Shih Tzus have long-haired coats that should be brushed every day to avoid mats and tangles. Similarly, they ought to be washed frequently so as to maintain a clean coat and to prevent their fur from accumulating dirt and dust. Moreover, Shih Tzus should have their nails trimmed frequently to avoid overgrowth and pain.

Prone to health problems of why shih tzu are the worst dog

These include respiratory problems, eye problems, and mouth and teeth problems, among others. Such dogs are also known as brachycephalic dogs which have short noses and flat faces. Hot weather can also pose challenges for them to breathe. Are you enjoying the why shih tzu are the worst dog news? Please let us know.

Difficult to housebreak

They might also prove hard to train out of this undesirable habit of relieving themselves indoors because in some cases, the dogs never fully outgrow it. This can be very frustrating to the owners, and the house becomes unsafe for the children.

Prone to excessive barking

Shih Tzus are notorious barkers, and they can yap a lot when they are excited, bored, or anxious. It can, however, be a problem for apartment dwellers and those living close to each other.

Susceptible to separation anxiety

Shih Tzus are very loyal. They might develop separation anxiety when left alone. This can be demonstrated in many ways such excessive barking, destructive behaviour and even depression.

Not good with children why shih tzu are the worst dog

Shih Tzus bite and bark, especially when scared or surprised. This can also render them inappropriate for families with young children. Are you enjoying the why shih tzu are the worst dog news? Please let us know.

why shih tzu are the worst dog

Not good with other dogs

  • Dog lovers should be aware that Shih Tzus are highly territorial, aggressive dogs that can bite other dogs or people, especially if they are not socialized. This can be a challenge for dog owners and makes it hard to bring them to dog parks or other places where other dogs might be.
  • Expensive to care for
  • The high-maintenance grooming needs and the susceptibility to a number of health problems make Shih Tzus relatively expensive to care for. They can also be destructive when they are bored and this may incur an additional cost for repairs and replacements.
  • So, Shih Tzus are not the best dog for every one. They are expensive to take care of, they are unhealthy most of the times and they can be hard to train. Therefore, it is essential for anyone planning to get a Shih Tzu to be aware of these possible problems to enable him or her make an informed decision.
  • The reasons listed above are not the only reasons why Shih Tzus can be stubborn, manipulative, and attention-seeking. They can also be very vocal, and they may not be good for people living in apartments or who have close neighbors.
  • It is important to find out as much as possible about Shih Tzu and the challenges that come with caring for these dogs. Another aspect you need to take into consideration is the amount of money you intend to spend in grooming, training, and vet services.
  • Here are some tips for potential Shih Tzu owners:
  • Ensure you brush your dog’s hair daily.
  • Ensure that you bathe your dog frequently to keep its coat clean from dirt.
  • Make time to trim your dog’s nails in order to prevent them from getting to the point where they become overgrown and cause pain.
  • Train your dog to be friendly from a tender age in order to avoid aggressiveness towards other dogs.
  • It is advisable to train your dog using the positive reinforcement methods.
  • Prepare for your dog to be a barker.

Ensure that you have a yard that is gated where your dog can roam around while playing.

Always ready to spend a fortune on your dog’s welfare. Are you enjoying the why shih tzu are the worst dog news? Please let us know.

Why is the shih tzu the worst dog?

There are a few reasons. These are the first ones that are prone to many diseases. Furthermore, they are prone to be yappy and often bark too much. Thirdly, they usually have lots of personality traits that might make it difficult for them to live with another person.

What are some of the health issues that shih tzu are prone to?

Shih tzu dogs are prone to various health issues such as respiratory problems, eye problems, and skin problems. They are also at risk of obesity, which may cause additional health issues.

What makes it hard to live with them?

Some individuals may find yappy and barking shih tzu annoying. They are also individualistic and stubborn, which make them hard to train. Furthermore, they can be protective to their owners, hence provoking aggression. Are you enjoying the why shih tzu are the worst dog news? Please let us know.

What are the positive features of shih tzu?

In spite of the fact that shih tzu has lots of weaknesses, they still have some devoted followers. These are loving and cute dogs that may make ideal pets. Moreover, after adequate training and socialization a German shepherd may make a great family dog.

What do I need to do to keep my shih tzu fit?

The best way to ensure that your shih tzu stays healthy is to take the shih tzu for regular check-ups at the vet and follow the vet’s recommendations for care and diet. Ensure also, that they are physically active and remain within their optimal weight range.

What can I do to stop my shih tzu from barking so much?

Buying a no-bark collar is one way to train your shih tzu not to bark so much. The collar collar will send an insignificant shock to the dog when it barks, which will make it stop barking frequently. You may also use reward-based training to make your dog become quieter. Are you enjoying the why shih tzu are the worst dog news? Please let us know.

What can I do when my Shih Tzu is aggressive?

If your shih tzu is behaving aggressively, you should consult a dog trainer or behaviorist for professional help. These professionals can help you find the source of the problem and offer you some ways of training your dog to behave correctly.

The question is, what is the best way to groom a shih tzu?

Shih tzu need to be groomed often by brushing, trimming, and washing. In addition, always remember to clean their ears and eyes often. Don’t forget to visit the latest news at The Best Dog House.

How frequently should I take my shih tzu to the vet?

Therefore, you should take your shih tzu to the vet at least once a year. They should also take them to the vet. Are you enjoying the why shih tzu are the worst dog news? Please let us know.

Although owning a Shih Tzu dog is a rewarding experience, owners must be mindful of the challenges associated with owning a Shih Tzu dog. Provided you have a positive frame of mind and are ready to face the challenges, a Shih Tzu can give you a good and long life span.

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