Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off the Top of a Parking Garage

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Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off

A stunning CCTV glimpse has revealed the exact moment a pet owner Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off the Top of a Parking Garage.

The woman is caught on videotape running back and forth from in front of her partner’s car to the margin of the car park, before hurling her frightened Maltese shih-tzu, Princess, over the car.

Later Princess was put down after suffering horrendous injuries, with a passer-by mistakenly thinking she had been hit by a car.

Key Points of Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off 

  • Woman caught on CCTV throwing dog off a parking garage in West Field Australia
  • Disturbing footage shows woman wandering before launching her dog, Princess, off the side
  • Princess suffered severe injuries and was later euthanized, initially mistaken for a car accident
  • 26-year-old owner admitted to the crime on Facebook and was sentenced to 12 months in jail
  • Woman banned from owning animals for 10 years; her 23-year-old partner fined $2,500 and banned for 3 years
  • Incident occurred in April at Westfield Whitford City Shopping Center, North of Perth


The young woman who owned her (26 years old) subsequently admitted to the crime on Facebook, and is now serving 12 months in prison.

The upsetting incident occurred last April at Westfield Whit ford City shopping center, north of Perth, and was recorded on CCTV.

The woman is also prohibited from keeping an animal for 10 years.

When Princess became ill, she was taken to the vet by her partner from Madeley, who was present at the time, who was fined $ 2500 and banned from owning animals for three years. Are you enjoying Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off news? Please let us know.

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Terrifying incident

On CCTV footage, the woman seemed to be quarreling with her partner, brandishing her ten-year-old Princess over the side of the garage, and letting her walk along the edge of the roof for about eight minutes).

 The film shows her finally tossing Princess over the edge of the roof.

The little dog was thrown nine meters and was found by a bystander.

She was rushed to the nearest vet, where she was found to be in a state of shock with severe injuries, including possible internal hemorrhaging, brain damage, spinal and pelvic trauma.

The vet scanned Princess’s microchip and then called the woman on the list of owners.

The woman took the dog to the vet together with her partner to get their assessment of the extent of the dog’s injuries and how much treatment was going to cost, and in the end opted for euthanasia.

Lack of remorse

Magistrate Mark Millington, who sentenced the woman, said that the attack was a planned, deliberate and intentional act on the woman’s part to leave Princess for dead.

He said she showed no open remorse, and kept trying to pass the blame and making excuses for her conduct. Are you enjoying Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off news? Please let us know.

The woman even confessed to the gruesome act on her Facebook page, that she could not live with her conscience, but later she removed the post and told the police that her account had been hacked.

Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off

Dogs can be so ‘trusting’

RSPCA WA Inspector Manager Kylie Green said the incident was the most sickening one she had seen in the 11 years she had been on the job, and was just a callous and extremely confronting display of animal cruelty.

Many dogs are so trusting and dependent on their owners. She said that couldn’t have been a more revolting breaking of that trust.

Today’s outcome brings some justice to the pain and fear the poor Princess suffered in her last moments.

I hope it also tells the people that malicious abuse of animals is too serious, and will not be accepted.

And what happened in the video footage?

 A woman throwing a dog off the top of a parking garage can be seen in the video. The scene is a revolting act of cruelty that shocked viewers. Are you enjoying Woman Caught on camera Throwing Dog Off news? Please let us know.

Was the woman caught red-handed?

Yes, fortunately, the woman was caught on camera doing this heinous deed. The video evidence leaves no doubt that she was the one to throw the dog off the parking garage.

What kind of dog was thrown?

It is still not known what type of dog was thrown off the parking garage. Most attention has been on identifying the woman and seeing that justice is done.

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Has the dog been found?

No one knows anything about the whereabouts of the dog after the incident. Authorities are probably looking into the matter, to see if the dog fell to its death and to see if it can be found.

Was the woman arrested?

Yes, that incident got the attention of the authorities and finally landed the woman in jail. Authorities swiftly launched an investigation into the incident and apprehended the woman responsible.

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