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Alaska State Troopers say that officials in Alaska plan to resume tomorrow their efforts to find a woman missing under Alaska river ice, over the weekend, to rescue a dog.

A man and a woman were walking on the North Fork Eagle River Trail at about 2:troopers said in a statement Monday. Then, at 15 p.m. on Saturday one of the dogs went into the water.

Key Points of Woman Missing Under Alaska River Ice

  • The incident occurred at the North Fork Eagle River Trailhead.
  • The incident happened around 2:15 yesterday.
  • Emergency vehicles and a dive team are actively involved in the search.
  • Authorities believe a woman fell into the ice and submerged in the river.
  • A man was with her but suffered no injuries.
  • A search and rescue helicopter was deployed, and a ground search is ongoing.
  • A dive team is cutting ice and using sonar and underwater vehicles to locate the missing woman.
  • The couple, accompanied by their dogs, went into the water to search for one that went into Eagle River’s Open Water.
  • The incident is heartbreaking, especially around the holidays.
  • Updates will be provided by Alaska State Troopers, with the latest from Austin McDaniel at 10:00.


The troopers said that both of them went into the river to rescue the dog, and that the woman disappeared after going once into an open part of the water. Are you enjoying the Woman Missing Under Alaska River Ice news? Please let us know.

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Alaska State Troopers’ communication director Austin McDaniel said Monday that the woman “entered an open spot of water on the Eagle River and disappeared under the ice.” She was last seen by the adult male that had been with her.

On Sunday, a dive and search team and troopers searched under the ice for her, but troopers said the woman was not found. The next search is set for Tuesday.

The man was not injured.

The North Fork Eagle River Trail begins some 20 miles northeast of downtown Anchorage. North of downtown is a region northwest of Eagle river into the Cook Inlet.

Under the ice of the Alaska River, how could the woman get lost?

Under the ice of the Alaska river, a woman disappeared while trying to save her dog, which had plunged into the cold waters. But bravely, she spurred onto the ice to rescue her darling pet only to end up in a very dangerous spot. Are you enjoying the Woman Missing Under Alaska River Ice news? Please let us know.

But where exactly did this incident take place?

This incident occurred in Alaska, near a river where the woman and her dog were walking. There has been no mention in the reports of the exact location.

What happened to the dog?

The dog fell into the icy river, but emerged without harm. Fortunately, the dog survived the ordeal, and was later found safely out of danger.

Woman Missing Under Alaska River Ice

Did other people witness this incident?

Whether or not there were any eyewitnesses to the woman’s effort to save her dog is uncertain. The reports make no mention of any others being present at the scene.

Have they found the woman yet?

At this time the woman is still missing despite exhaustive search and rescue work. Authorities are exerting every effort to find her and bring her to safety.

What problems do search and rescue teams have?

Finding the missing woman is proving to be a very difficult task, plagued with one obstacle after another. Freezing temperatures, slippery ice conditions and poor visibility are combining to make this a highly difficult search operation. Are you enjoying the Woman Missing Under Alaska River Ice news? Please let us know.

How long now since the woman disappeared?

Recently, the woman disappeared. Unfortunately, the information at hand has not told us exactly when.

Do you have any news about the search operation?

There are currently no news on the search operation. The authorities are doing everything possible to locate the missing woman.

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Who is conducting the search and rescue operation?

Local authorities, including the police department and emergency response teams, are spearheading a search and rescue operation. They are working together to cover the area completely and find the missing woman.

Can there be a happy ending in this situation?

Of course the situation is difficult, but there’s always hope for a happy ending in such cases. Every effort is being made to rescue the lost woman and bring her home safely.

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